by Patrick, Alvin, Jia Liang, Vishal, Martin, Wesley, Kim, Igor
(Singapore (Philippines, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine))


GoRecipes Teaser:

Company Description
GoRecipes is a food delivery website with a major difference. Instead of delivering fully prepared meals, GoRecipes delivers recipes with premium gourmet ingredients all pre-packed to the recipe specifications. This not only gives busy people the chance to try their hand at cooking, but also gives them a healthier and more affordable alternative that comes from cooking one’s own meals. We cater to both the working professionals’ busy daily schedule and special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Product Description
GoRecipes has two primary platforms for distribution: a website and a mobile application. People can easily access our products when at home, and on-the-go with our mobile application. These platforms positions GoRecipes competitively in an increasingly connected world.
The recipes offered are simple, quick and easy to cook. Once again, this caters to the busy working professional who would like to enjoy a home cooked meal but does not have the time to go out and buy ingredients. GoRecipes will add more advanced recipes in the future to continually drive growth and diversify in the market.

Competitive Advantage
Convenience and quality are the key differentiating factors that set GoRecipes apart from others. Not only are the ingredients premium grade, they are pre-packed to recipe specific amounts and this packaged delivered. This saves on the long lead time of shopping for the right ingredients before actually cooking.
GoRecipes also makes deliveries daily. In a market where many food delivery companies deliver the next day, it is among the fastest turnaround times in the market right now. Orders have to be made before a cut-off time, however, in order to receive it in the same day window.

Investsment Highlights
• Recipe delivery is an emerging market with plenty of growth potential. Market research indicates a growing demand for home cooked meals, while the primary constraint has been time or lack thereof.
• Sales growth is expected to be 213% after first year of operation, and 193% in the second year onwards as we consolidate our assets and step up marketing to gain greater outreach.
• Maintain a gross profit margin of 45% for first five years of operation.

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by Jonathan Murat Guenak, Peter Maximilian Wibbe, Moritz Stegers, Frederic Rupprecht

Youstamp Team

Youstamp Team

Youstamp is a revolutionizing IT-Startup of 4 German exchange students from Singapore Management University that intents to change the way people buy their food and communicate about it. In our face paced globally connected society, loyalty has increasingly played a key role to business success and competitive advantages. Therefore, Youstamp produces a platform where retailer and customer meet, communicate, and share their experiences.

Everybody knows restaurants he or she prefers over others, restaurants he or she would recommend to friends and relatives – restaurants ones love. And those same restaurants love you. This is why Youstamp makes being loyal more fun by rewarding valuable customers and helping restaurants find real fans – Youstamp is a state-of the art smartphone App that is fun, efficient, and simple.

By pursuing this vision, Youstamp allows its users to gather all their local and analog stamp cards in one single smartphone application: Loyal customers with the Youstamp App scan a unique QR-code each time they make a purchase in their beloved restaurants, consequently, tracking their loyalty by virtually stamping their digital stamping card. Now, as all this happens digitally on the smartphone – friends will immediately learn via Facebook connect and Youstamp friends about your loyal activities, thus, enticing additional customers for the restaurant. In return for using Youstamp, users receive discounts and rewards on future purchases to redeem their loyalty – its that simple!

In short, customers benefit in the following three ways:

1. Loyalty Reward - Get free stuff from restaurants you love.
Our customers keep on doing what they have done all their life - eat at restaurants they love, but now they get rewarded for staying loyal! On top, our customers have all their loyalty cards in one single App! That‘s awesome!

2. Promotions -Get to know new restaurants.
Every participating restaurant is prominently visible in our integrated Google maps overview, integrated with location based notification service.

3. Daily Deals - Receive personalized offers.
As YouStamp precisely learns about customers‘ preferences, restaurants can send personalized offers to a relevant target group.

At the same time, restaurants benefit due to six key features:

1. Loyalty
Acquire new regular customers…

2. Analysis
Learn about your customers (preferences, trends,…)

3. Personalized Offering
Attract customers with personalized offers and products…

4. Go Mobile
Be visible, searchable, findable mobile - be where your customers are!

5. Social Media
Benefit from word-of-mouth recommendation (Facebook, Twitter,…)

6. Online to Offline
Market restaurant’s offline business online! Follow the trend: Search online - buy offline!

For further information on technical details and financial prospects, please watch our corporate movie at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOZbvd3zYp8&feature=youtu.be or contact us at jmguenak.2012@exchange.smu.edu.sg

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adyourface is a Singapore-based start-up that provides an online advertising platform where consumers would go to get the latest happenings in Singapore (e.g. New Sale, Product etc).

The space in which adyourface operates in is enormous, since businesses spend huge sums of money advertising to consumers. With the ever increasing growth from the internet, retailers are expected to double their spending on online ads to reach $181 million in 2013. Despite this, click through rate of ads remain below 0.01% - creating massive wastage for advertisers. The problem of low click through rate stems from consumers experiencing ad fatigue.

adyourface is able to turn this problem around by energizing ad fatigued consumers with targeted focus on novelty. Only ads that showcase new products and services are featured and consumers get to choose ads that they want to watch. On top of this, consumers are rewarded by advertisers for watching their ads.

adyourface reduces irrelevant ‘noise’ from the market place. By rewarding consumers for choosing ads that they want to watch, adyourface helps spur consumer conversion and thus maximizes returns for advertisers.

adyourface‘s target market is young adults between the ages of 18 – 29 years, who are in tertiary institutions and carry smart phones. 55% of them carry smart phones, representing an estimated market of 305,000 within Singapore alone. The initial target market would comprise of the 4 main local universities and polytechnics, and adyourface estimates a conservative user base estimate of 30,000 by the end of 3 years.

adyourface‘s focus on novelty distinguishes itself from its competitors. By creating the pull factor on consumers, adyourface effectively increases the click through rate of featured ads on the platform. 2. adyourface provides a flexible model which caters to the needs of individual companies, ranging from
video ads, voucher listing, and creating games

adyourface‘s primary source of funding is the iJAM grant. adyourface currently requires $30,000 funding for two key areas. Firstly, a budgeted $20,000 is required to continue the development of the online platform and to roll out a mobile application to increase its outreach by the 10th month of Year 1. Secondly, a working capital of $10,000 is required at the end of Year 1 to support adyourface’s expansion plans in Year 2. adyourface intends to obtain a small office space, and hire technical and sales employees to help in its operations.

adyourface is also open to obtaining funding from private investors. adyourface is expected to achieve revenue and profit figures as displayed below. adyourface will provide returns in a step-up method; investors will get returns of $5,000 for Year 1 and Year 2, and a step-up to $55,000 in year 3, giving investors an attractive IRR of 32%.

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MakanBuddy: A Social Dining Network

by Jerome Ng | Amanda Chua | Shawn Leong | Marcus Wong | Leonard Belot | Lee Jia Wei
(Singapore; France)

MakanBuddy is an online social dining platform for meeting new people or organizing group meals. MakanBuddy will partner with cafes, restaurants and zi char stalls (for a local flavour) to facilitate group meals and meet-ups for our users.

Our Target
As a platform for meeting new people, our primary target market of Sociables - working adults between the ages of 22 to 34 would find such a service useful since most of their social circle is generally limited to their colleagues. Our secondary group includes expatriates who may not have many friends in the country as well as university students who would be keen to meet experts of similar interests.
As a platform for organizing group meals, we will be targeting meet-ups with celebrities, politicians and others who champion a cause.

Our Product
MakanBuddy is a movement toward making friends over food.
We are a platform that enables users to meet new people and enjoy group meal discounts for customized menus. Users will get the opportunity to meet celebrities, politicians and individuals who champion a worthy cause. Besides expanding their social circles, users also get to explore new restaurants and enjoy a variety of food not otherwise offered by partner restaurants. It’s simply all about great food, making great friends, and most importantly, a whole new way to take on the real social experience.
For partner restaurants, it is a great way to get your name out there. Let MakanBuddy bring customers to you on your terms. Everybody wins. Join us today!

Our Financials
The market and financial analyses indicate that with a start-up expenditure of $50,000, MakanBuddy can generate over $18,000 in sales by year one and over a million in sales by the end of year three. Profitability will be reached by year two.

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by Wong Wei Min, Siah Hwei Ting, Alvin Ong, Lionel Koh, Shannon Teo, Agoston, Adrian Teo

Have you ever wondered where to get help when the air conditioner breaks down at home? Or where to get help when you need to spend the night with your spouse and there is no one to look after the young ones at home? We provide the solution to your needs! Our business provides a platform for you to post up all your home-based needs for free and all you need to do is to wait for someone to pick up the job! Each job costs only $20 per hour! Our company provides an interactive platform for you to search and request for helpers for your home-based needs, ranging from cleaning to babysitting, even gardening!

Started in January 2012, we are currently at a nascent stage where potential is at its maximum. The team is made of seven individuals who believe in the need of this service especially in the increase in “dual-working parents” and “single parent” families in modern societies. This shift in demographic patterns across Asia calls for the need of such a service where people look for cheaper and easier solutions to their needs.

Our company prides itself in being the first mover in this industry, giving us a head start in capturing the market. With operations based on the internet, our business gives rise to the opportunities to reach out to global markets, especially in our target market – East Asia.

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by Lin Jun Jie Larry | Akash Gurung | Toh Yong Yeow| John Goh Ho Yee



Youtube Link to Video Clip:

Being potential groom wannabes, we at one2wed.com understand the pain that many users are facing, in terms of searching for information about weddings. Users are often forced to navigate through multiple sites in search for information relating to weddings. Also, we feel that vendors are often overcharged when the only coverage that conventional wedding sites provide their users are merely confined within the advertisement space on their websites.

One2wed.com is a one stop portal for users to find all information relating to wedding. Also, with our innovation tools such as the wedding planner and wedding budget calculator, users are able to get a better status and feedback about the progress and budget of their wedding. Vendors are also able to leverage on our company’s technical expertise in the area of SEO optimization to gain greater exposure, giving them an edge over their competitors.


Weddings are the start of every couple's happiness, while planning marks the start of much unhappiness. With one2wed.com, planning for your wedding couldn't be any simpler. At one2wed.com, we provide users with a one stop portal to search for all wedding-related information. Also, with our wedding planner and budget calculation tool, users are able to get an overview of their wedding status and budget. By joining us as a premium advertisers, merchants not only get an customizable advertisement space of their own, they are also leveraging on our SEO expertise to gain greater bang for their buck, giving them greater exposure and wider coverage.

Visit us at one2wed.com, the one stop wedding portal for all your wedding needs!

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