Tan Jinwen Mark

My Strategy

I believe that as long as one has the correct mindset of doing something creative or innovative, one will be able to increase one’s competitive advantage and be a successful entrepreneur.

However, besides the correct mindset, I have learnt from Prof Pamela the importance of continuous pursuit of knowledge and ultimately be equipped with the ability to apply the acquired knowledge for the purpose of wealth creation and value adding to oneself and the society. After attending 13 weeks of lessons, I have listed three sets of skills that I need to achieve in order to be better equipped for the future and be a successful entrepreneur.

Communication Skills - Anybody can communicate, but to communicate effectively and in an amicable way, is something not everyone is able to achieve. Argument often arise when there is lack of ability to communication efficiently and effectively. With good communication skills, I would be able to put my ideas and beliefs across to my team and people. The rule of thumb to communicate efficiently is to always listen to others opinion attentively and to show care and concern when responding back.

Analytical and Conceptual Skills -Besides communicating effectively, I must continue to harness my analytical and conceptual skills as they will ensure that I would be able to continue to make decisions with the clearest mind possible and not be myopic. As an entrepreneur, I must be able to visualize and decipher complex situations before making important decisions.

Leadership Skills - Lastly, I will be focusing and leading my company, adyourface. Leadership skills will therefore be very important as I would want to create an organizational culture and value to support entrepreneurship. Through the heightening of my leadership skills, I would be able to motivate my fellow colleagues and other corporate companies to take the road towards entrepreneurship.

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