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Apr 03, 2010
Theory discussed
by: Pamela Lim

Hi Sandeep,

I can understand that some students would like to have in depth discussions of innovation theories, especially students who are interested in an academic career.

I will definitely take your input into consideration. The Kondratiev long wave is one of very few innovation theories that supports the idea that technological change will bring about a new economic recovery every 50 to 60 years.

Like all theories, there are supporters, and there are others who cannot see eye-to-eye with the theory. In other cases, there are some who agree with part of it, and believe it requires some modifications.

In the TWC class, we have one session to study this theory, and how it can be used to explain the dot com bubble phenomenon. Given the limited time, we cannot look and address all the different iterations of the theory. Unlike many economic theory, innovation theories can be still very understudied and underexamined and still subject to many interpretations.

I'd like to recommend that you go through the notes that were handed out during the weeks, in which I highlighted 2 different views to the K-wave.

As for the US examples, Asia does not have that many examples yet, but seminar series will bring to live how Singaporean entrepreneurs survive and how their work with their innovations. However, all the examples on funding support, government support were all Asian and Singapore based. The patent laws covered are all non-US based as well. We took examples from Europe, Asia and of course some from the US. US being so big in innovations, can't really miss them, right?

Apologise for any disappointment. Do wish you had let me known earlier, so I can point you to further reading.

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