Maria Mahat

by Maria

14 July 2014 - it has been about 8 days since the workshop and it was also the day I tendered my resignation. Frankly speaking, I do not know yet the exact business I will get myself into but I'm ready to embark on this new journey. The procrastination has been too long - since my firstborn who is now 14 was only 2 years old back then. I had dabbled in a few things before - from conducting early childhood workshops for parents and kids to selling board games and halal skincare. I even invested in an expensive course with those so called rags to riches guru. Perhaps I did not persevered through because I had a job, a job that is decent enough with stable income for which I am grateful for. However, there is still a very strong desire in me to have control of my life, my time and the belief that I'm capable of a lot more than the confined parameters of my job.

I would say that the workshop has inspired me in more ways than one but it's hard to point a finger to the exact part of the workshop. I enjoyed the seemingly unthreatening way it was delivered by Pamela and the sharing from her students that have made it. I remembered her saying that it's not easy but yet doable to become a successful entrepreneur. And the measure of how successful you want to be should be aligned to the goals in your life. My goals are my children and if being a small time home based entrepreneur means I have raised wonderful children, I believed I am successful.

The first time I met Pamela was during her parenting workshop and I do agree with the alternative education pathways to reach one's end goals. I remembered pm-ing her asking when she would conduct the entrepreneur workshop. When it finally did, I did not hesitate to sign up. I wish I could be as inspiring and aspiring as Pamela, because I do have strong beliefs in the gifts that come with all children.

I will take this time to distil my thoughts and I welcome conversations over coffee with anyone who is willing to mentor me and point me to the right directions. It's only the beginning of my journey. I wish for myself and for everyone who has benefited from this workshop to be granted the success and joy of being an entrepreneur. Thank you.

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Oct 09, 2015
Maria Mahat NEW
by: Jacob

Hi Maria Mahat, thank you for sharing us your experience. Lots of valuable sentence and word you have used in your article. Which are useful for beginners. Wishing good luck of your journey.

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