by Joycelin

There are many courses out there that teaches entrepreneurship. I have attended a few and I have to say this is the best.

This is the only course that provide direction on a daily basis for 2 years.

Other courses that I have attended, simply just don't care about their students after the course has ended.

Most of the knowledge that I've learnt from this course are not something new to me but I have never taken action to start my own business because of fear, fear of leaving my comfort zone, fear of the unknown.

What I love about this course is the tutorial videos and assignment that will be given to me daily for 2 years. This gave me clear direction and minimize my fear.

This course has prepared me to get started and we all know nothing matters until we get started. It also gave the courage to take the first step to start my own business. So I would encourage anyone out there who have 9-5 job and have always being dreaming of starting your own business, this is the right course for you. Stop dreaming, start taking action.

I've been searching for entrepreneurship courses and Pamela is the only teacher out there who had the experience of listing a company on Nasdaq and SGX. Not forgetting Nick who has vast knowledge in the media space. My 2 cents, if you want to learn, learn from the best. No regrets taking this course and I wish I had know about this course earlier.

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