Jeremy Ng

by Jeremy Ng

In a world with excess in content, it is time consuming to figure out what is important in starting a product business.

I like that the information has been well curated for us both in the two day lecture as well as in the videos selected for after watching. Each video watched has an important learning point and some are even step by step application videos.

I also appreciate that her videos are clearly up to date as on the 2nd Saturday of training she showed a video I watched live streamed just 2 days ago. This shows her commitment towards keeping up to date to coach us.

Pamela bothers to cover the pros and cons of drop shipping and building your own brand and product to allow us to make an informed choice and brings in successful ex student of hers (Lim Hong Zhuang) to share his path to success.

This alone is worth a lot as it is evidence that the path while hard is achievable. He also shares future trends which are the paths to possible outlying profits.

In terms of objective met, I have been exposed to the ins and outs of starting a business as someone who has no business background and has no one close with a business background. I have enjoyed the overall learning experience which was no doubt tough but very valuable in terms of growing my knowledge in business.

Personally the most important point I have taken away I believe is not to compete on price alone, instead provide so much value that people are willing to pay more for your product. This value can be in the form of education or customizing the product for the user.

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Apr 07, 2019
by: Pamela

Wow! You have learned a lot! I hope that you will apply these knowledge in your new business. I look forward to seeing your business grow!

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