Jeffrey Chua

by Jeffrey Chua

It's been a rather intense yet fulfilling 1 week (two Saturdays) course. I came into the course not knowing much about business and marketing, and left with a head full of knowledge. Too much in fact, that it will last me a couple of months to digest.

I have started a few ventures in the past but they have never taken off successfully as I have zero knowledge on how to market and get the customers in. One of the biggest takeaways for me have to be this area, marketing. But honestly, the entire process of setting up this e-commerce business has given me a whole new insight on the possibilities that's out there.

I want to say a very big "Thank You' to Pamela for this opportunity and showing us that this road to success is so attainable and acheivable. Looking forward to the next 2 years of this journey together.

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