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If you find or have ever found Entrepreneurship Education useful, maybe you could help us to "pass it on" to someone who really needs it...

First, many people ask me why I teach entrepreneurship, when I can have so much fun repeating and doing what I already know - building, running and listing companies. The many articles, pictures and letters from the students will tell you why. The immense joy of nurturing and helping thousands of students realize their dreams.

Somewhere along the education route, we educators have imbuned in our most precious resource that working for someone else as an accountant, marketing guru or as a banker makes good career sense. Yes! Wage slavery is in vogue! I would like to do my little part in reminding these precious young folks that they can inject freedom to their careers and ambitions. Remember: you can do what you dream of and still survive and create careers - for yourself and for others.

Entrepreneurs are made for bigger things.

Here are some things I do to promote entrepreneurship, and the feedback I got:

  1. Teaching how innovation changes the world. Feedback on courses TWC.
  2. Teaching about entrepreneurship and opportunity identification. Feedback on courses TE
  3. Helping students identify the entrepreneurial opportunities and start their businesses. Businesses started.
  4. Organize guest seminars where entrepreneurs and students mingle. Guest seminars.
  5. We have a Facebook Page where all my entrepreneur students share information. Forums.
  6. Also weekly business plan and strategy meetings. By appointment only.

Founders almost always spend too much time and money on non-operational issues that distract them from running their businesses profitably. Sounds like you? You are at the right place.

I have compiled information that can help you save time and money.

This site can be a resource to a business owner at any level. Whether you are looking for a business opportunity because the economic crisis and depression has taken a toll on your job search, or an established business person looking for a merger and acquisition. This site will have something for you to take away.

First, tell me where you are in your entrepreneurial journey:

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is an emotional and/or psychological concept.

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Maria Mahat

14 July 2014 - it has been about 8 days since the workshop and it was also the day I tendered my resignation. Frankly speaking, I do not know yet the exact

Continue reading "Maria Mahat"

Frank Sim

The two day courses really rock me up, it has changed my view toward everything , my products , clients and market. I started the path of entrepreneur

Continue reading "Frank Sim"

Marianne Su Fang-Yu

Being someone who has no absolute background knowledge on business set-up and finance management, this has been a 2-day brilliant crash course for me to

Continue reading "Marianne Su Fang-Yu"


The past thirteen weeks in EBC class have been very memorable and enjoyable for our team. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey coming up with

Continue reading "TickBucket"


The concept of Yumbox started during a brainstorming session by a group of entrepreneurial SMU students who enjoy trying out gourmet food and reading food

Continue reading "Yumbox"

Team Building Companion by Linkedup

Team Building Companion (TBC) is developed based on the fact that sports and social network are both integral to many people’s lives. Created by a team

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Outsource Market Research Looking for a thousand responses for a fashion survey? Need some ideas on mystery shopping? Outsource market research processes

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2013 Technological Entrepreneurship

2013 Businesses started in TE class

Continue reading "2013 Technological Entrepreneurship"

2012/13 EBC

EBC Reviews

Continue reading "2012/13 EBC"

2012/13 Spring TWC

Reflection for TWC

Continue reading "2012/13 Spring TWC"

2012/13 Spring Technological Entrepreneur

TE Class reflection

Continue reading "2012/13 Spring Technological Entrepreneur"

TWC-2012/13Term2-Gerald Ng Ghim Yap

Looking back at each of my TWC lessons, I have definitely gained a lot of valuable knowledge. It was not just about textbook concept and theory; it helped

Continue reading "TWC-2012/13Term2-Gerald Ng Ghim Yap"

TWC - 2011/12 Term2 - Benjamin Peter Chia Sim Sen

When I started this course, I think I had some typical objectives on learning more about technology and its interactions with society and business.

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Guest Speaker Norma Sit

Guest Speaker Norma Sit

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2011/12 Summer TWC

Reviews of TWC

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Guest Speaker Suresh Shankar

Guest Speaker Suresh Shankar

Continue reading "Guest Speaker Suresh Shankar"

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