by Eugenia Goh, Lionel Chia, Kenneth Koh, Ooi Kang Sheng, Randy Teo, Tay Ke Hui, Wang En Jian

TravelSafe aims to provide a peace of mind for working professionals with elderly dependents to care for. In Singapore’s ageing society, where almost 1 in 10 residents is a senior citizen, there is an increasing need for services that target the elderly. As dual-income households rocketed from 344,658 to 424,152 over the past decade, taking time off work to fulfill family obligations, such as accompanying elderly dependents for medical appointments, result in huge opportunity costs at work.

TravelSafe provides the ultimate solution of doorstep-to-doorstep transport services for the elderly where its concierges will accompany them from place to place. By providing clients with real-time status updates, the target market of working professionals can constantly track the locations and conditions of their elderly loved ones without stepping away from work.

With a business model that involves low start-up costs and minimal risks, TravelSafe is a short-term investment that will generate astonishing returns for its investors.

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by Lim Zi Rong, Clarine Lim, Div Teng, Qing Yuan, Kenneth Oh, Nazmul, Amy Phuah & Nandita

There’s an event you wanna host, who do you go to?
Well, the answer is not “Ghostbusters.” (Though, It is one of our theme packages.)

Welcome to the future of birthday planning!
Parti, brings to the Singaporean community a breath of fresh air for your birthday planning requirements. By combining old-fashioned values, providing extra mile synchronised event planning services and themes with an unbeatable “feel”, Parti revolutionizes your birthday experiences.
Parti specialises in parties for anyone and everyone from age 0 to 16 and onwards. We bring you convenience, cost savings, highly theme based birthday party and most importantly, that ease of mind where you know your birthday will flow flawlessly.

“People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.”
~ Dale Carnegie, American self-improvement guru.

Every call to us is designed to understand what your needs are and what you want to make your event awesome. To sum it up, our attitude to “seek not to give what clients ask for but what they really want” allows us to deliver quality birthday packages, customised to your very own specific needs.

Started out as a partnership between Div Teng and Lim Zi Rong, two serial entrepreneurs from SMU, Parti represents their continual commitment to making the events scene even livelier. While the duo with their energy has infected many others with their passion, their impact has been well chronicled on various media channels. Coming from humble backgrounds, Div & Zi rong believe in walking the talk too. They seek to hire students who need extra income to support their family, but never compromising quality delivered to the clients.

We offer a large array of packages and services specially tailored to any of your needs, so please feel free to contact any of our business representatives for more information.
Make every Parti you have, awesome.

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by Diana Teo, Charles Lesmana, Siti Muzalifa, Yvonne Low, Stefanie Tung, Ajay Halwasiya


Named after the Grade Point Average (GPA) System in Singapore Management University (SMU), 4point3 symbolizes the highest achievable grade (A+) possible in SMU. Our tagline ‘A+ food, A+ fun’ encapsulates our aspiration to serve the highest quality food in an environment conducive for fun. Despite being located in the heart of the SMU campus, 4point3 seeks to provide a ‘Third Place’ for students to experience joy and comfort away from home and classroom. 4point3 is offers a high- quality option to fast-food chains and food courts, and a low-priced option to established cafés.

4point3’s commitment to the highest quality food is not a pledge taken lightly. 4point3 serves food that is conceived, cooked and served with the customer in mind. The mixture of ingredients used in every dish is thoroughly thought-out and backed by insights from culinary experts. The emphasis on suitability of each and every component that goes into each dish creates the perfect combination of taste and uniqueness.

4point3 will focus on one primary target market: SMU students and faculty members. Being located at the heart of the SMU campus allows 4point3 to actualize their vision of being the leading campus café in Singapore. 4point3 is fully-run by SMU students, who are familiar with the needs and demands of the student population and are involved in constant interaction with the target market in both academic and non-academic settings. 4point3 will capture the hearts and minds of the target market by continually innovating its product offering and business processes, while incorporating the valuable feedback they are able to constantly gather by nature of being around their peers all the time.

4point3 aims to continually excite and please its customers with its drive to innovate. 4point3 will be the first campus café in Singapore to pioneer a cutting-edge ordering system by adopting a holistic iPad ordering system. The system helps to streamline their back-end operations, while providing a highly user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. The cutting-edge technology caters to the fast pace of life in SMU by providing an efficient ordering experience to the busy students and faculty members in campus. Essentially, the concept was derived because innovation, uniqueness and modernness are characteristics synonymous to SMU and its students and faculty members - their home and target market.

4point3 has a sincere commitment to give back to the community. 4point3 has a solid social responsibility strategy that is based on a multiplier concept to exponentially increase the impact of their contributions. 4point3 has pledged that 10% of the profits will be dedicated to the SMU Term Fund, which will be distributed to various local and international-based initiatives.

4point3 enjoys enormous financial advantages by virtue of being a student-run SMU café. Rental is priced very lowly at $500, and labour costs are mostly offset by the Memorandum of Understanding that 4point3 signed with SMU Real Business (SMURB). With low overheads and a tax exemption granted by the Government of Singapore, 4point3 runs on a lean financial model and is able to break even in 8 months. In this regard, there is very little risk of 4point3 ever being unprofitable, allowing the Management Team to be less distracted by cash-flow management issues and focus more on delivering superior performance and achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction. The only catch is that the lease for 4point3 expires in two years, thus creating a need for relocation and a new strategic direction.

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the Pod

by Lee Meng Yong, Stacie Henson, Jacqueline Quek, Axel Fey, Rachel Tay, Xu Zhaoxi, Tan Jun Liang

The Team

The Team

The Team
the Pod's Logo

Located at the heart of town along Purvis Street, The Pod is the first boutique capsule hotel to be established in Singapore. It brings together the effortless style of a boutique hotel and the coziness of a capsule hotel. At The Pod, you will find the perfect synergy between these two elements.

The Pod is managed by a team of passionate students from the Singapore Management University. The idea has been developed for 4 months under the supervision of Professor Pamela Lim. The team came from a diverse background with specialization in different disciplines that covers all aspects of the business. We will each assume a role of their expertise and make decisions as a team to bring forth the business.

With a proposition to provide the best comfort at affordable rates, The Pod will ensures utmost customer satisfaction that make guests look forward to their return. The Pod intends to capitalize on the heritage of the surrounding architecture to pull guests into a soothing, relaxing environment only found in the past, but with all the comforts of the modern world.

The Pod’s main target market segment is the Free and Independent Travelers (FITs). Upon market research, FITs is identified as a key market of tourists that remains untapped within the current hotel industry. They are mainly travelers who seek luxury, but not at exorbitant prices. By targeting this market segment, The Pod will be able to tap into an uncontested market space in a growing industry.

Lastly, the team has ambition to bring The Pod across Southeast Asia Region. Every stranger who walks into our hotel will become a friend of ours.

At The Pod, we welcome YOU.

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by Amelia Ristiyana, Albert Ng, Dennis Laurentius, Iwan Sugiarto, Marselia Tan, Michelle Chua
(Singapore, Singapore)

mommyQ group in action during our final presentation

mommyQ group in action during our final presentation

mommyQ group in action during our final presentation
mommyQ team with Prof Pam Lim after our business plan presentation

It’s been a whirlwind journey for us, taking Entrepreneurship and Business Creation under Prof Pamela Lim, where we get to realize our idea, mommyQ into a solid and sellable business plan.
mommyQ was initiated solely from the fact that we admire Prof as a super mom – up until now – and would like to cater for more inspiring super moms in Singapore. We looked at various trends of motherhood-related services and products in Singapore, and found that the online offerings for motherhood platforms lack finesse and interactivity, and decided to yield a new web-based start-up called mommyQ.
mommyQ’s vision is to provide working mothers in Singapore (middle – high income) the joy of motherhood through a personalized platform (on internet) that would give convenience and ease of access through our service offerings. We impinge on our strategic partnership with Raffles Medical Hospital, the forefront childcare provider in Singapore to provide an extension to our service offerings.
Our website offers personalization and interactivity: Mothers can upload their babies’ pictures, and each mothers can comment on each others’ babies – It’s a platform that every members of the family can peruse and even look back at years from now. Through our “Personalized Nanny” service, we offer mothers timely reminder of healthcare services that needs to be done at certain point of their babies’ live, customized to each mothers – they can also make an appointment, thanks to our strategic partnership with RMG.
We also offer mothers the chance for further localization of service, by having them ask questions to RMG doctors – To address the disarray of information available when it comes to babies products in Singapore, mothers can insert any products that they want related to their babies, and we’ll give an array of products that mothers can compare based on prices, proximity, or ratings by other mothers.
It is not easy for us to achieve success in this web-based startup: We need to achieve harmony when it comes to the operations, IT, marketing, finance, and also the overall synergy and culture of our company. We did encounter problems, a lot of it is related to our area of expertise, but we never experience before - From addressing initial reputational problems, we find ways liaise with a medical group. We also got to outsource our operations from outside, and also suppress cost by keeping our daily operations in-house. We also learn how to valuate our company, and do a coherent marketing campaign that includes creating buzz on YouTube – these are all different things, that are inter-related and necessary for the success of mommyQ.
Thank you Prof for the opportunity given – this is a chance we from mommyQ group truly cherish.

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by Shuo Xian, Zi Hao, Wilson, Melvin, Yi Xin, Hee Chuan, Amelia



Team Uvive

uVive Private Limited

Founded by a team of diverse Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduates, uVive is a young and industrious enterprise which envisions a cleaner and safer environment by leveraging on the benefits UV technology.
uVive provides professional cleaning services through the utilization of UV technology. Our cleaning teams strive to create a cleaner and safer environment for all businesses and households in Singapore.

Rising demand for professional cleaning services
Surveys have shown that there is an increasing demand for professional cleaning services in Singapore, especially for the young and elderly who are more vulnerable to germs and influenza viruses. People with allergies or sensitive skin may also have issues with the strong cleaning agents which are currently used to eliminate germs and bacteria by most cleaning companies. Therefore, uVive has chosen the childcare center industry as its target market for the first few years of operations. However, in the long term, uVive aims to provide a safer and more effective cleaning solution to both businesses and households in Singapore.

uVive’s cleaning teams are empowered by technologically superior cleaning equipment which leverages on UV technology. The cleaning properties of UV technology have proved to be highly effective in eliminating germs and bacteria on tough surfaces such as carpets, beds and fabrics. One example of our cleaning equipment is Raycop - a UV-C anti-allergy vacuum cleaner that kills 99% of bacteria and eliminates almost 94% of all dust mites. Research from Japan’s Food Research Laboratories’ has also shown that it can deactivate and kill the H1N1 influenza virus within two seconds of exposure to the UV-light emitted by the device.

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by Ken Chang Yuan Shao

Our Story

Scene #1 – Crisis: Episode with Co-founder – Early on, there was a disagreement among the partners and it took maturity and calmness to make the right management decision. Working with the right partners, not necessarily the most qualified or recommended people, is crucial. We learnt that the process does not need to be perfect, but the people you are working with should be.

Scene #2 – On our own: late night coding – Learning something new like coding is never easy. Being thrown into the deep end just requires more perseverance and a calm mind; It helps that Google is a great teacher.

Scene #3a/3b – Even later night presentation/Presentation day! (by zombies?) – Last minute preparation will only result in less than optimal performance. We have learnt that early preparation will reap the best performance, especially for presentations.

Scene #4 – Courage to stand for our idea – Realising that people often shoot down ideas, even when they give constructive feedback, they are focusing on what your project can’t do. We learned to motivate ourselves and it dawned on us that it is acceptable if the plan isn’t foolproof, because no plan really is.

Our Summary

SPACES is a web portal with the listing of venues in our network.
This online platform enables organisers of activities and events to discover and book their preferred location. On each venue listing, information such as availability, booking price, and user reviews can be easily accessed. These features will simplify the currently tedious process of securing a venue.
We want to build a community and SPACES will focus on boutique venues and support local businesses and social enterprises. SPACES welcomes all types of venues providers regardless of whether it is for a long term lease a short co-working space, or just an unused space in your workplace or home. SPACES is all about bringing your extra space to the market space.
Bringing physical spaces to cyberspace!

Our Members

Sharon Paul
Hannah Sim
Tan Chay Ling
Ken Chang
Clarinda Chia
Richard Low

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by Stanley Tan, Clara Tan, Gavin Chian, Stella Ng, Gary Kwon, Joanne Lim, Wendy Neo

Team Pic'In

Team Pic'In

Team Pic'In

As the pace of living increases over the past few decades, it is getting increasingly harder to appreciate the finer things in life and the loved ones around us. People used to enjoy spending quality time together over picnics and bond over activities in the park. At Pic'In, we aim to slow down the hectic lifestyle by re-introducing the concept of picnic to people, especially those of a younger generation.

"Pic'In is your one stop picnic provider that provides a hassle free, all weather picnic experience for every fun-loving individual."

Pic’In offers a first of its kind, year-round service available to both visitors and residents of Singapore. Touted as a Garden City and with the recently built Marina Barrage and Treetop Walk, there are plenty of ideal picnic locations in Singapore. When orders are made in advance, we will go to their location indoor or outdoor and create an enjoyable picnic experience for them. Whether it’s a Sunday in the park with the family or a romantic indoor picnic with their special someone, they can count on Pic’In to deliver across the Lion City. One can choose to build a fully customizable picnic basket from our website.

In a nutshell, we bring the picnic to you by bringing convenience, providing a wide variety of quality food with a custom-made picnic basket and a fully personalized service.

All in all, Pic’In is believed to not only be just a picnic basket provider, but also the key to help recreate the picnic culture. This venture seeks to ultimately forge stronger relationships between people through bonding over an activity that seems to have lost its charm over the years.

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A Drop of Honey by CARINE, Eileen EWE, Valerie KOH, SIEW Vin See, WONG Min Yu, Louisa ZEPHANIA

The Team Behind A Drop of Honey

The Team Behind A Drop of Honey

What is happiness to you?

A Drop of Honey Customer Journey

It is a time for gathering, and you need a place that offers good food and good environment to hang out with your friends whom you have little time to meet. Now it’s the time to decide which place to go and you don’t have an ideal place in mind. Is the situation familiar to you? Well, A Drop of Honey offers you a solution to that.

Be it a proper meal or just desserts, we have it all available for you. Aside from filling up your stomach, A Drop of honey offers you the platform to be open about yourself in seeking the happiness you truly need. “Don’t be shy to have fun”, that’s the slogan that each and every employee in the store lives up to. Fun is good and it multiplies when it is shared.

We want every customer in a drop of honey to maximize the quality time shared with their loved ones and keep their stomach happy at the same time. Every single element and everyone in our store gives you an opportunity to take one step closer towards happiness.

A Drop of Honey is a honey themed restaurant that capitalises on our commitment in providing quality desserts and services to our customers. By offering indulgence and pleasure through our desserts, we hope that customers will be able to reward themselves and pamper their loved ones. Most importantly, upholding the belief that shared joy is a double joy, we feel that our passion of spreading happiness with desserts and pastries and the vibrancy that our staffs displayed will help in strengthening our customers’ own relationship with their loved ones.

Our target customer consists mainly of dessert lovers and those who value the spending of quality time with their loved ones. A series of promotional efforts will be carried out through the social media platforms. We believe the strategic location of our store around town area will enable us to attract our target segments through students from various city campuses and shoppers during weekdays and weekends respectively.

Our restaurant believes in making every aspect of our customers’ dining experience personal. Apart from training of staff and organizing of activities to inculcate a sense of belonging as well as foster bonds between employees, we will also hand make every menu entree. To further enhance a customer’s experience, we seek to constantly generate new product ideas. Also, we have designed a unique customer journey for our customers who dine in A Drop of Honey to experience joy and to find their own happiness.

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by Bharath, Judy, Huilan, Mayank, Thanh, Thomas

Strictly Kids provides low and middle income parents an avenue to buy and sell quality pre-owned toys for their children. The rationale for this venture lies in the fact that the product life cycle of toys is very short since infants and children get bored of their toys very easily. Under such circumstances, parents would either keep the toys which takes up room space or throw them away, causing wastage. In light of such an issue, the company offers an avenue for parents to dispose these toys while making some money in return. Thereafter, Strictly Kids will resell these second hand items.

The target market for these products is primarily from the lower and middle income demographic, parents who are under the age of thirty-five. The toys we buy and sell will cater to infants and children between the ages of 9 months and 9 years. It is a norm for parents to want the best for their children but it is difficult to continually buy toys from branded toy stores due to the high cost.

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by Cedric Ng, Pearlicia Chan, Lo Chuan Jian, Daphne Ho, Amanda Beh, Harini

Cedric Ng, Pearlicia Chan, Lo Chuan Jian, Daphne Ho, Amanda Beh, Harini

People need photographs to capture the special moments of their lives. With today’s quick pace of life, if too much time goes by between photos, these moments are lost forever. While nearly everyone has a camera for snapshots, people need professional quality photos when they will be shown to an important audience, and when people want to be seen in the best light.

The Internet has expanded the use of photos, making it possible for anyone to send them or to publish them for wide viewing. Professionals, too, often have business needs for high-quality photos, and through this familiarity, they acquire a taste for them.

Our business, Capture123, is a web portal which functions as a directory and facilitator for provision of photographic services. People seeking photographic services can access our database of registered photographers to engage their services. Photographers who are keen on taking on jobs will have an online portfolio with us that can be viewed by those who require photographic services. The mission of Capture123 is to help seekers of photographic services engage photographers that suit their budget and requirements by being able to easily access reviews and portfolios of photographers in our database. Photographers are able to showcase their capabilities and photographic skills by showcasing their digital portfolios. We thrive on repeat business and visits from seekers to photographers by developing relationships with our clients – both seekers and photographers.

Capture123 will meet the needs of professionals and average heart-landers who wish to capture special moments in their lives. It will also enable novice and seasoned photographers the opportunity to market and offer their services professionally and tastefully.

Capture123, bringing life to photography, and photography to life.

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by Melvin Tiong, Jay Bheda, Randall Wong, Jurane Solano, Goh Jiawen, Jacqueline Sng, & Salvin Sim

Buying advertisement space in top magazines, billboards in the city center, on the television and radios? These could just be advertising of the past. With the advent of the internet and rising popularity of social media such as Facebook, advertising is now given a new space to shine. Gspot Pte. Ltd. (Gspot) takes advertising to a whole new level – as a solutions provider that allows retail merchants to quickly launch an effective promotional pricing campaign through social media (specifically, through Facebook).

Instead of having to devise their own promotional distribution strategy, clients can leverage on Gspot’s signature Share-to-Redeem model to virally push their offering across Facebook. Businesses can get their sales promotions seen by as many eyes as possible, at a very attractive cost-per-view rate. Here is how the Share-to-Redeem model works:

- The partner merchant enters his promotion details at Promotions can take any form the merchant desires (e.g. percentage discounts, freebies with purchase, lucky draws, etc.). This promotion is then broadcast onto Facebook under the Gspot app, and is initially distributed to a small number of customers by the merchant.
- Viewers who are interested and click are told that the promotion is redeemable simply by sharing it on Facebook. he clicks on the button, which shares the promotion via Gspot on his own Facebook feed. At the same time, redemption details are sent to him.
- By getting people to redeem by sharing, the promotion is virally propagated across people's social networks, achieving an ever-increasing number of impressions and redemptions.

Based on the success of a lucky draw campaign commissioned by a local travel association, in which over 250,000 impressions and 1,000 participants were recorded in just 1 week, Gspot is confident to attract an average of 40 merchants for the basic tier, 8 merchants for the premium tier, and 4 merchants for the professional tier in a month.

Gspot has found a space to shine, and it aspires to extend its reach both locally, and globally.

The reflection video highlighting our team's journey and thoughts on EBC can be viewed below.

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