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Win-a-Mac! Transaction Cancellation

Not sure if you should take part in the competition?  It is risk-free, and we'll refund you if you change your mind.  But don't rush into it.  Come back again when you are ready!  Just don't forget the due date:  July 31, 2009. 

Here are some rules for this web business competition:

  1. Date of website registration must be after you register for win-a-mac competition
  2. Your idea need not  be totally new - just executed well!
  3. Your business must be able to generate revenue.
  4. We're not looking for a Steve Jobs.  We hope to see "Just do it" from you.

I only need your name, I can get your email address through paypal.  Once we've received your competition confirmation, you can then go and generate an idea and do up the website.  Market it, and then generate income from it.  We'll put your website up here for judging.

The readers get 10% say of who will win.   We are collecting a US$30 fees from participants to cover the expenses for this competition.   The closing date is July 31, 2009.  But I suggest you start early, so that you can tap on the resources on this website and other resources to build your website.

Remember what multi-millionaire Peter Jones said?  Take action!  He was still an employee 10 years ago!  Time for you to create your own legacy!

This is a risk-free competition.  Should you change your mind about taking part, you can always ask for a refund within 3 days.

If you want to register for the competition now, give us your name.
Your First Name

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is an emotional and/or psychological concept.

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Maria Mahat

14 July 2014 - it has been about 8 days since the workshop and it was also the day I tendered my resignation. Frankly speaking, I do not know yet the exact

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Frank Sim

The two day courses really rock me up, it has changed my view toward everything , my products , clients and market. I started the path of entrepreneur

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Outsource Market Research Looking for a thousand responses for a fashion survey? Need some ideas on mystery shopping? Outsource market research processes

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2012/13 EBC

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2012/13 Spring Technological Entrepreneur

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Looking back at each of my TWC lessons, I have definitely gained a lot of valuable knowledge. It was not just about textbook concept and theory; it helped

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Guest Speaker Norma Sit

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Guest Speaker Suresh Shankar

Guest Speaker Suresh Shankar

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