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by Vincent

This module teaches me all basic fundamental of M&A. The introduction of M&A, the M&A process and much more. Basically I have met my objective of understanding the basic knowledge of M&A.

In class, I heard a lot of interesting M&A stories shared by the lecturer of what happen in the real world. Is very much similar to what we watched in the HongKong drama shows. M&A can be friendly and can even be hostile. Some tools to defend against takeover are also taught, like using poison pill and shark repellent. Giving an understand why companies want to M&A and why companies are form just to get acquired.


I have never work for any company before, so allot of times I do need to use my imagination. For example, poison pill. I have never seen a poison pill before. How does it look like? I do hope that if the lecturer is able to show us the real stuff and that will be great.

The favourite part of the class is listening to stories of M&A. Seriously is really exciting hearing what companies will do just to acquire the company. Do share more!

Overall, I did enjoy the lesson very much! Thank you Pamela.


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Feb 26, 2009
Poison pill
by: Pamela

Vincent, funny that you should ask me how a poison pill looks like. If there was one, I'd asked some of my ex-partners to swallow it!

In any case, the poison pill in M&A does not come in any shape or size, it can be shaped anyway you want, as long as it fits your needs. Always draft one... you'll never know when you'll need to use it.

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