TWC2011/2012Term3B-Kenny Ngo

by Kenny Ngo

Towards the end of the module, I begin to appreciate the fact that entrepreneurship and innovation have always had an intuitive quality, echoing the common consensus that the topic itself is more of an art, or rather sheer dumb luck, than an actual science. Perhaps it is the fact that these topics haven't had the kind of rigorous history of exploration compared to fields like sciences and economics that led us to think innovation and entrepreneurship are subjects that cannot be effectively classified or impart with precision. Whatever the reason, the little theories we were taught would prove to be useful framework to explore such issues.
I started this journey with intentions to appreciate how technology and innovation have impacted the world and perhaps learn to triangulate the various similarities that made these innovations possible. Throughout the lessons, I have been exposed to sides of technology that I have never seen. Right from the get go, I was dealt with the exploration of the blowtorch, something which I have never considered in depth even when I own the jet flame butane zippo lighter that was mentioned in the passing in class. Similarly, research into the AC/DC war between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla also gave me insights that I have not known, such as how rapid AC gain dominance into the market. Prior to these, I have only read about the war of currents without investigating the timeline, which lead me to understand incorrectly that Thomas Edison had managed to delay the adoption of the AC transmission standards.
Explorations into technology and their impact aside, the unexpected take away from the module is the interactions with the various entrepreneurs. Tapping into their wealth of experience, many lessons that would not have surfaced normally have been expressed to me. These discoveries are interesting and insightful, and they are most importantly accelerated. While it is definitely a different experience if one could underwent the journey they have taken, I guess this opportunity would be the only alternative to someone like me.
Today, while I have to sadly resign to the fact that innovation and entrepreneurship do not have a set of hard and fast rule, the limited theories and doctrines would prove to be the stepping stone to building my intuition in the commerce world. Thus, while I have not learn a game changing theorem within this module, I am sure to be building towards a better understanding of innovation, business and life in general, which are baby steps towards the second objective I set out for; to incorporate new lessons into my understanding of the world.

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MGMT002-2011/12Term3B-Toh Willie

by Toh Willie

Technology and World Change: MGMT002 - TWC has been a wonderful and enriching course for me. The teaching methodology used by Professor Pamela has made my learning enjoyable, memorable and fruitful. Before the commencement of the course, I have misconceptions about TWC as a theory-based course that revolves around very rigid theories and frameworks. On the contrary, the theoretical frameworks and structures are great tools which can be used dynamically to evaluate technology. Additionally, I really appreciate that a guest seminar was made available to us. It has enhanced my learning experience greatly.

At the beginning of the course, I have set 4 basic objectives for myself which I had adhered to strictly. I am glad to say that I have accomplished all of the objectives.

1. Attend class with an open mind to learn
2. Participate in class discussion whenever possible
3. Attend all classes
4. Be punctual for all classes

The main highlights of TWC would be “innovation” and “technology”. Personally, I think that these two terms are the gist of the entire course. Inventions are just inventions. Commercialisation is one of the most crucial factors to turn inventions into innovations, which leads to business opportunities.

1. Innovations = Inventions + Commercialisation
2. Technology = Science + Purpose

Key Takeaways from TWC Summer Class:

1. Presentation skills
2. Time management
3. Usage of theories and frameworks for evaluation

The presence of Miss Norma Sit, Mr Gregory Hauw and Mr Suresh v Shanker had contributed to an extremely enriching and inspiring learning session for me. The impactful speeches given by the three speakers had put forward theories, opinions and perspectives which illustrated the big picture about entrepreneurship and technology.

Seminar Takeaway 1: Finding problems and creating solutions.
There are things which an entrepreneur or individual can always do. When one door closes, another door opens. Every time an individual discovers a problem, he or she can always work towards it by deriving solutions. This actually creates opportunities, and put oneself in the blue market. Numoni Pte Ltd is one good example of an entrepreneurial firm which operates in the blue market.

Seminar Takeaway 2: Try, learn and morph.
Never say never. One should never be afraid to assume more responsibilities. It permits an individual to try, learn and adapt to the different situations he or she may face. Miss Norma had once assumed three responsibilities/roles during her corporate career. It allowed her to learn processes from the corporate world which she could apply during her entrepreneurial journey. At the same time, she managed to hone leadership skills which are vital and essential for any entrepreneurs out there.

Seminar Takeaway 3: Entrepreneurs need luck. Lots of luck.
As mentioned by Mr Suresh, luck is an important factor to entrepreneurs. Lucky enough, I was seated beside Miss Norma during the guest seminar; I managed to ask her whether luck plays a great part of entrepreneurship. The answer is yes. However, one does not wait to get lucky. One should accomplish tasks to turn luck on his or her side. It is never waiting for luck to appear.

Seminar Takeaway 4: People judge. What you do is important.
People who render help in the future are the people who worked and revolved around us. Our behaviour and attitude are some factors which people use to judge us. Therefore, it is wise to always be tactful during the course of pursuing our career.

Seminar Takeaway 5: Never never never never never ever give up.
To my understanding of never ever giving up, it is the pursuit of accomplishing dreams and goals which one has set to do. I believe this should apply to every little thing we have set to accomplish. It is easier said than done. Miss Norma has taught me not to self-doubt. Every single thing we see is made up of illusions. Just believe in ourselves, and get it done.

Special Thanks:
Professor Pamela Lim
TA Lim Zi Rong

The Best Team Ever :)!!
Aw Ming Kun
Benjamin Chan
John Wee
Selena Shen
Tan Weiliang

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TWC-Term 3B-Miguel Riingen

Before I attended this class, I always wanted to practice how to think and develop out-of-the-box ideas. As the course is called “technology and world change”, I felt at the onset that having an open mind and forcing myself to think beyond the ordinary would help me to understand and appreciate the course. I would say that I have learned to think of less conventional approaches thanks to the group work where we brainstormed ideas and the in-class presentations. The various presentation skills utilized by the different groups gave me new ideas on how to communicate and present in non-traditional ways. Visual aids like well-designed powerpoints and videos by the different groups helped me to appreciate the use of innovative ways to provoke and convince the audience. The way each group communicated their idea by engaging the class through questions, definitions and examples helped create an interesting presentation.

Secondly, I wanted to be able to have a more concrete understanding about technology. Initially, I had unfamiliarity with the growth of technology. I always thought that technology has always grown in an exponential rate. TWC helped me recognize the different cycles involved in innovation making as well as the trends made by the market and the industries within it.

This class also helped me rekindle my interest in technology. When I entered SMU as a freshman, I was having second thoughts about whether my choice of course was suitable for me, rather than other courses like Business. My interest and passion for IT and everything related to it ever since I first had the opportunity to use a computer influenced my decision to study SIS. And after taking this TWC course, the learnings about technology and how it shapes the future reinforced my interests and gave me affirmation that I made the right choice. There’s a saying that goes “knowledge is power,” and learning about technology and appreciating its importance in shaping the futures definitely gives one the advantage in the future.

The class format of TWC also encouraged me participate more and share my ideas. I’ve always had challenges participating in discussions as I am usually reluctant to share my opinion with a group. The emphasis on active participation in this class was stressful at first, but after a while I felt that participating actively helped me to be more engaged in the topic and gave me the confidence to express myself freely. I also realized that participating by expressing my thoughts as well as listening thoughtfully made me learn so much more.

Also on the course format, the one-day breaks instead of the usual one-week breaks between classes made me push myself and work harder. The one-hour break-out sessions also taught me how to be able to communicate effectively with the team and focus on the job at hand to create a strong presentation given the limited time given in class.

I also appreciate Professor Pamela Lim’s unique teaching style. She emphasized learning by engaging us and encouraging us to contribute our ideas and listening to others. This made the sessions more interesting. She was also able to relate real-life experiences (whether or not these experiences are hers) to the lessons and class presentations. This made me more interested because the experiences presented are similar to mine. The seminar was inspirational as well. It allowed us to learn outside the traditional classroom experience and to listen and learn from different entrepreneurs’ stories.

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TWC – AY 2011/2012 (Term 3B) - Ler Hong Sheng

by Ler Hong Sheng

As the final module in the four years in SMU, I must say that this course has changed my perspectives quite a bit. I have been able to further my understanding in technology and actually learnt a proper frame work that complements the other skills I have picked up from Strategy, Marketing and Finance.

I am unsure if all my goals are met, but I must say that the methodology of the class did grab my attention and I was able to benefit sufficiently from it. My biggest takeaway is really from the guest seminars and learning from the people who have been there and done that. That is truly inspirational and allowed me to look at the possibilities with a clear understanding of what I might be getting myself into.

I have started 2 businesses and failed twice and I have then always been seeking answers to our failures. I now believe that partnering the right people is important and also the right sort of business for our age is important.

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TWC2011/12-Term3B- Dasmond Lim wei Yao

by dasmond lim

This four weeks journey of Technology World change lesson had come to an end. I have met most of the objectives that I have had made for myself where I wanted to learn how technology and world change are interconnected to each other. I learn how the world works and how firms and individuals react to different changes in the world brought about by technology world change. I feel that there are many things I have learnt from this course like some of the various strategies and theoretical models that can explain some of the phenomenon we see around us brought about by technological advancements. Furthermore, this course gave me an insight to look at things in a more all rounded manner from all perspectives like from the investor point of view. Furthermore, things will change in the real world and the theoretical models we learn serve as a guideline for us to remember and a general direction for us when we become top management of companies and require to lead and provide directions for the employees.
I feel that I myself have not aspired to be an entrepreneur to begin with. I feel that there are too many risks involve and the sacrifice is really too tremendous. However, throughout this course, I found out that I actually found out that what I knew of entrepreneur is very minimal and their sacrifices is way more than what we can really imagine. I learn that to be a real entrepreneur, you not only must have strong financial backing, you will also need to have the courage and guts to carry out investments in the correct time and expand and sell the company at the appropriate time. All in all, I feel that entrepreneurship offers exciting yet challenging tasks for many and many failed throughout the journey. However, I feel that persistence and determination are still some of key factors I take away from the journey of entrepreneurship.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Andy Lim

by Andy Lim
(SMU, Singapore)

Realisticly speaking, as a sophomore going towards my final year, my objective is simply to get good grades out of this course. Hence, the objectives I have set at the beginning of the course is simply to do well in every aspect of the grading requirements, i.e. to participate actively, to prepare for classes conscientiously and to research thoroughly and excel in my group's presentations. I am glad to say that I have achieved the minimum of what I have expected of myself.

However, as I progress along with the course, the seminars that Prof Pamela has spent with me has greatly altered the perceptions I previously had for this course. Initially, I would have expect TWC to be a less than interesting module, having formerly attended few seminars with another professor. His teaching methodology made the learning experience dry, and perhaps the class I was in was more passive and less enthusiastic as this class that I am currently enjoying. Though short, the one month I have had with Prof Pamela was nothing less than interesting and inspiring. Textbook aside, her corporate and entrepreneurial experiences were wonderful and key takeaways from her courses. These are precious information that I would not be able to read from any other textbooks and would be valuable and applicable in my future endeavours. Also, her teaching methodology of encouraging peer teaching entrenches the key concepts into me and has always made the 3 hour seminar feel so short in comparison to the other business or accounting classes that I have had.

Throughout this one month, I have learnt the rough side of entrepreneurship and that life is not as smoothsailing as it is. Everyone has to work hard for what they want, but the journey would not be as tough, cause mentors would always appear to guide us and it is up to our personal discretion and judgment to accept the right advices from the right people. There would always be negative comments or people with ill intentions but on the flipside, we should not discount the goodwill of others too.

Lastly, the independent nature of this course (less of the up to down feeding) has improved my self-learning and has also enhanced my teamwork. The heavy projects that is often due within days has pitted my groupmates and I to think fast and think critically to quickly find solutions. I would have to admit that I have reduced my procrastination over this hectic month and hopefully be in momentum to handle the heavy semesters ahead for the future bodes well for people who are dilligent and grab the opportunities when granted.

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MGMT002-2012 Term3B-Benjamin Chan

At the beginning of the course, I remember that I did not really have any specific objectives and expectations for myself. To me, so long as I put in effort to complete assignments and projects, I would be satisfied. Nonetheless, throughout the entire course, with all the breakouts and presentations, I found myself being exposed to so much interesting things that I never expected to be. Watching presentations were not as boring as I expected them to and I was able to pay more attention to them. The information presented on was both facts and the application of what we’ve learnt in the textbook. It made learning and understanding the textbook concepts so much easier with detailed explanation illustrated with real examples. Honestly, I reckon that I would not be able to remember a large chunk of the textbook content after some time. However, the little bits and pieces of interesting information would probably stay.

From this course, I have learnt to manage the fear of presentations. The informal and comfortable class environment made presenting so much easier. Also, so much more valuable advice that the textbook could not offer were given. Good lessons do not mean that there is strict adherence to textbook knowledge. I enjoyed the lessons mostly because Prof Lim gave such insightful tips and life lessons that made a lot of sense and spiced up the lessons with her candidness. I remember one advice of hers was that it is difficult to get money from the ones closet to you. It kept up thinking of how important it is to be responsible for starting up an enterprise and not treating it like a game. I am glad that Prof Lim is willing to share so much of her experience in the different industries with us to enable us to learn from them.

The guest seminar event that we have to support with a guest speaker was another insightful event. Though my team end up being rejected by the many entrepreneurs (even though some of the entrepreneur actually wanted to be interview by us), we stick together as a team not fear by the rejection and spend the entire day coming up with our guest speakers material before the day itself. I was actually impress by Miss Norma Sit, who did better than expected for the guest speaker and most importantly taught me this 2 points for what every entrepreneur must have “passion” and ”perseverance”. Her presentation was really insightful and I enjoy learning from her nonetheless.

In light of this, I find the TWC lesson is indeed not just a knowledge driven course but a process that constantly allow me to reflect and learn from others, just like a history lesson with an added journey of what is like to go through the phrase of these entrepreneurs.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Ho Wee Seng

I had no idea what to expect for this course when I first started especially since its my first ever SMU class.

I thus came in with an open mind looking to learn after over 2 years out of school. Prof Pamela set out the course outline and requirements clearly and I looked forward to learning.

Personally, while I am quite well-versed in technology, I was very unfamiliar with theories behind the evolution of technology and innovation.

I find it useful to learn of the theories in determining what drives innovation as it is very applicable in the real-world in identifying trends and spotting possible pitfalls and waves of change.

Working with my group was an awesome experience as I learnt a lot from them not just as groupmates but as my seniors in SMU as well. My group was fun to work with and I am glad to have been matched up with them.

Studying this has also equipped me with valuable tools in a business venture I am currently in with my friends. This will allow me to see with greater strategic precision and make better decisions.

I feel that this has been a wonderful first step into SMU and I hope to enjoy the rest of my time here and meet awesome people in class and learn in an interactive, exciting environment.

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TWC - 2011/2012 Term 3B - Yeo Qianwei Almeric

Coming into this course, I really did not know what to expect from a course like this. This was definitely not something which a student can experience in any conventional Junior college or Secondary school here in Singapore.

Other than the lessons taught in this course, such as the different theories of innovation and technology, i feel that the greatest lessons were outside of the textbook itself.

For example, the guest speaker conference opened my eyes and ears to the insights of lives of real-life world changers. All three speakers were able to summon the courage to throw themselves into the cut-throat business world with a new idea which will help to improve the lives of the people around them. No journey like that is ever smooth, often hitting obstacles such as funding or social stereotyping, they managed to overcome the all to achieve their success today. The amount of determination which the speakers possessed as they set out towards their goals are indeed inspiring.

Another takeaway out of the text was during that hour plus which we asked Prof Lim any question which we had for her. Of course many things were picked up from there but one of the points, coupled with anecdotes, which Prof mentioned that struck me the most was how great success can be achieved with integrity.

There are many instances out there where highly successful businessmen and women after years of basking in their success, were suddenly discovered to have been involved in illegal activities to aid themselves in their climb up to their current positions or at boost their wealth.

I think that my group mates really helped a lot in my learning through this one month, where topics were discussed at length during group meetings, including in-class presentations.

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TWC-2012/13Term3B-Wong Wei Hong Kelvin

This course provides students the knowledge on what is technology and how it transform or innovate over the years. With the guidance of prof, we students are able to attain better understanding through her experience gained through the real working world and the path of entrepreneurship. In all, I am grateful that I am in the class of prof Pamela as I had gained better insights and knowledge based on her perspective in life and working experience of various positions which can be applied not only to this module but also to things we do or encounter in life. Hence, I would say that this course provided me more than just knowledge required to clear the module but also perspective and tips for us to apply in real life scenario and working world.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Trina Ng

I heard stories about TWC from my school mates who took it during normal term and it is the exact opposite of what I have experienced in Prof. Pamela’s class! Prof. Pamela’s class is very much similar to what I have experienced in IS101, other than the in-class presentation. Every week, different groups get a chance to facilitate the class on the chapter that they are assigned to. This enables in-depth understanding on the chapter. At the same time, each group will present on a case study that is relevant to the chapter, which gives the class a chance to view examples out of the textbook. There is no worry that the facilitating group might miss out important pointers from the textbook as Prof. Pamela will point out those pointers that are missing and teach the class.

Every session, a case will be given to each group to research on and present. A short timeframe let us understand the importance of team work. I have come to bond with my group mates although term 3B is a short term. Information and knowledge that each member possess vary, which makes learning even more interesting.

Prof. Pamela not only taught us what is in the book. Prof. Pamela shared with us her life experience which is even more relevant to us, especially when we go out to the working society. Her choice of choosing her family over her own success is a very special scenario that I have never come across before. It may have happened to other successful women before but she is the first I met. Success, happiness and fulfilment cannot be measured by monetary.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Chloe Lim

by Chloe

With a course title like "Technology and World Change", one would expect to learn about the different technologies that have transformed the world and perhaps go into in-depth discussions about how future technologies will continue to do so. Perhaps you didn't quite expect that, but those were my expectations at least; I also expected to be somewhat consolidate the rest of my learning in SMU, what with the many cases read for other modules and the different concepts. Well, those objectives were met, but that's not the end of the story.

The above-mentioned expectations barely scrape the surface of what I've learnt through TWC. In fact, in TWC, my takeaways were not quite taught but rather, caught.

One "bug" I caught was the joy of learning. As the field of innovation (rather, the study of it) is still somewhat in its infancy, this entire course is exploratory in nature and the different ways Prof and my classmates immersed themselves in piecing the puzzle together were inspiring. During the breakout sessions, we were given liberty to explore certain theories, or find cases that illustrated these theories. We researched, discussed, laughed, even sang (granted, that was when we digressed a bit) and had a ball of a time. We asked other group questions and to the best of our abilities, answered the questions posed to us. The class atmosphere was light and thoroughly conducive for learning.

Another "bug" I caught was the joy of teaching. To have the opportunity to stand before the class and present what my group had researched on was a blessing indeed. I liked that we were all assigned different topics and at times were allowed to choose our own topics, and how that made each team an expert in their own right. The standard of in-class presentations increased as the lessons passed as we grew in confidence and grew more comfortable with one another. Affirmative nods and smiles can be seen around the class as one speaks his/her mind, and that was something I particularly liked about TWC.

The final "bug" I would like to share about is the joy of working in a team. I had much fun working with my wonderful team mates whom I now have the privilege of calling my friends. It was a quick start for us, as we were the first team to present and we had much fun playing with the blowtorch and conducting our presentation in a talk show style. We have grown as a team even over the course of these short four weeks and have learnt and laughed together.

The practice of debugging is common and essential to programmers, but in this case, I do hope that "debugging" will not occur as I would be very gladly "plagued" with these "bugs". Beyond the stipulated curriculum, I am glad to have attended a class with a broader life curriculum, one that included learning about how success should be achieved the right way or not at all, and the importance of a family.

Final words of gratitude:
Thank you Prof Pam for providing that timely spark in our lives;
and thank you classmates for making my final module in SMU such an enjoyable one!

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3b - Arnab Roy

by Arnab Roy

We are living the Information Age and if there is one course apart from the IS modules which rises questions and answers regarding the Information Age, it has to be TWC. That is the question and the hypothetical answer I had in mind at the start of the course.
1 month down the line, here I stand after the completion of the course and I have to agree, indeed, I have learnt and grasped way more than simply a better understanding and stand on the rapid growth and change due to scientific and technological change around us through this course.
Just as every other module, text book is very important and forms the base of knowledge. Textbooks are useful in order to grasp the concepts but as Prof explained in the last class, there are better ways to learn such as “teaching” someone else. Thus, through class presentations, information from the textbook in a much more creative and interesting way while each group becomes the so called “master” of one area. Personally, what separates this class from the other classes is the break-out session and discussion sessions. The break-out session helps us to freely express and discuss opinions on issues where we are able to learn from each other. These short and quick presentations are to-the-point as we strive to put in our best under the time constraint.
As prof said in class, communication and relaying your knowledge and the ability to articulate oneself is what separates one from the rest. Hence, class participation was one suck key area in this class. The discussions we had were so interesting and intense that after a point one simply forgets and ignores the points allocated. Furthermore, the open online discussion forum was an extension of the class which I thoroughly enjoyed and was able to share new ideas and opinions with my peers. Overall, with my TWC experience has indeed been a memorable journey which I would cherish for a long time and the guest seminar was a fitting finale to it.
Elsewhere, my philosophies towards entrepreneurship and leadership were refined in the Leadership and Teambuilding module which I had taken in Year 1 Semester 1. One of the key take aways from that module was interview of a philanthropic leader, Mr. Louis Ng, the founder of ACRES. To a certain extent leadership is in-born, but through such modules we can refine leaders and highlight its importance in today’s era which is sometimes overlooked. Furthermore, the importance of being a good follower was also emphasized in the module.

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TWC-2011-2012 Term 3B- Vijay Ganesh

The TWC journey has been an eye opener for me. I have learned so many things both in and out of the classroom. I initially came to the course expecting it to be dull and uninteresting. However, to my surprise, it was not. Prof Pamela’s style of delivering the class is one that is one that I have not gone through in SMU. Personally for me, the break-out sessions and the in-class presentations were the key periods in time where I learnt more about the course topics and the way different people interpreted it. When I started the course, I set the goal to learn more about technology and innovation and how to become a more effective innovator myself. I felt that I learnt more than just that from the course. I have learnt from the real life experiences of entrepreneurs and the challenges that they faced executing their innovation, the way they overcame the problems to arrive at where they are today and finally what I can learn from the corporate world and apply to becoming an entrepreneur. I also feel that the TWC Course has equipped me with knowledge which I can use to supplement my course of studies. By doing this I can apply the various concepts be it the K wave or the technology S curve and understand what and how I can do more with what I have learnt.

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TWC-2011/12Term3-Lin Yin

It is a privilege to be able to secure a seat in Ms Pamela Lim's only class in the past one month for Technology and World Change
The course turned out to be very different from what I imagined, in that it looked at the bigger picture-at how technology is shaping our lives as a whole. Nonetheless I enjoyed the course and did learn a lot from it.
The best thing about this course was it hands-on teaching method that Pamela Lim adopted. In the last class she explained a theory in the field of education research, which is that students retain about 80% of the topic if they have to teach it to someone else. Ms. Lim successfully applied this theory through her method of group presentations in each class combined with class breakouts. I appreciated the fact that the traditional method of lecturing students was completely done away with.

Lessons include the thinking points we need to consider when starting a business. It made me think of most if not all the aspects we need to look at when starting a business. Apart from the text, Prof Lim was more than willing to share with us her past and present experience as an entrepreneur. There is nothing more valuable and useful than real life experiences as compared to information from text and the internet in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Points that she brought up during lessons were not inside text or can be found on the internet. The pointers given by her often leave me with “wow! I didn’t even think of that!”

I feel that my major take away from this course is that Prof Lim have broadened my horizon, taught me to have an open-mind to look at the thinking process behind the innovations and the key factors that led to widespread usage of the product. Through this, Prof Lim have enlightened me on the different ways that these innovations have made their way into our lives and the impacts that they have created.

Thank you, Prof Lim, it has been an amazing journey.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - Kean Kwok Jin

by I ❤ TWC!

Coke vs Pepsi Taste Test: Majority can't tell the difference!

Coke vs Pepsi Taste Test: Majority can't tell the difference!

Coke vs Pepsi Taste Test: Majority can't tell the difference!
Never give up!
Great advice
In order to be successful, it is necessary to fail a number of times in order to find what we are looking for.

Although this module only lasted for a short one month during summer term, the knowledge and experience that I gained will last beyond that. I have met my objectives that I wanted to achieve at the start of the course. After the course, I have learnt how to distinguish common terms that are often used interchangeably or together in daily life. For instance, I have learnt to differentiate between inventions and innovations, science and technology. This course has spurred my interest in innovations. Now, whenever I looked at the daily necessities around me, I questioned myself who invented it, how has it progressed into what it is today, and what would life be like without it. Before TWC, I take everything I see and use around me for granted and did not think much of its history. Now I understood the long arduous journey that innovators have to endure to bring their innovation from where it started to the marketplace. There is a Chinese idiom “饮水思源” which literally means that “when one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from”. To apply it here, I have learnt to be grateful and appreciate the conveniences brought to me by great innovations in our daily life.

Prof. Pamela Lim has a unique style of teaching unlike others. Her lessons are filled with different activities that capture our attention and get everyone involved. Every session is a mix of lecture, in-class presentations, group presentations and breakout sessions, so the class is not boring at all, one does not simply doze off in her class! In the first class, I was surprised to hear that there is going to be a cooking demonstration held in a seminar room next session! How is it possible and how can cooking be associated with TWC? When one of the group demonstrated on the spot using a blowtorch to caramelise crème brûlée and we all have a taste of it, I realised that Prof had made use of the cooking demonstration to explain a form of technology though cooking. There are also other fun activities like the Coke vs Pepsi Taste Test which I helped organised. The in-class presentations were a great practice for us students to deliver concise and precise presentations on that day itself, driving us to think on our feet and at our fingertips Time was given for us to research during the breakout session, which also helps to foster team spirit within our project group. I have improved on my presentation and speaking skills by presenting regularly during the in-class presentations and group presentations. I have learnt to articulate my thoughts well by making the effort to speak out in class more often. In addition, I also enjoyed thoroughly Prof’s light-hearted sharing moments of her life experiences in class, from her work to her family.

The highlight of my TWC journey is none other than the guest seminar. Being involved in the guest seminar was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. The guest seminar was an eye opener; it was a rare opportunity to witness three entrepreneurs from all walks of life sharing their life experiences with us on the same stage in school. All three who have "been there, done that” delivered inspiring anecdotes and important lessons that we all can learn from. I learnt that entrepreneurship is not a smooth and comfortable journey, it may sound cool being an entrepreneur and your own boss, but as it turned out, it is not. It often comes with many obstacles that will bring you down. All guest speakers reiterated the point of “never give up”, especially the quote of “failure is okay, but failure to get out from failure is the real failure” left me with a deep impression. Where there's a will, there's a way, what matters is one persevere. In order to be successful it is necessary to fail a number of times in order to find what we are looking for. James Dyson failed 5,126 times before successfully inventing the bagless vacuum cleaner. I have learnt that failure is not a lack of talent, but a lack of perseverance. “You will never be brave if you don’t get hurt, you will never learn if you don’t make mistakes, you will never be successful if you don’t encounter failure.” Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, I hope to be more daring to take risks in future and always believe that the journey is going to be worth it. Social entrepreneur, Miss Sit, has taught me that no matter how successful you are, you have to stay rooted and not forget the unfortunate in our society. A social entrepreneur is not in it for the income, but in it for the outcome of making a difference to the community. There is a saying that goes, “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.” I was enlightened to find out from her that entrepreneurship may not be all about making money, but benefitting the society too.

The TWC journey was enriching and rewarding and it was truly the module that I enjoyed the most, it was the best class to wrap off my Year One in SMU. (=

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MGMT002-2011/12Term3-Selena Shen

I definitely met the objective I set for myself in the beginning of this module. What I take away from the course is particularly the break-out session in each lesson. Besides molding my presentation skills, the break-out session effectively facilitate my learning in TWC. I was able to grasp a better understanding when I share the findings and discuss the topic together with my group mates. In addition, I liked the way Prof Pamela facilitates the class participation. I felt comfortable in sharing my thoughts and the openness among my classmates made learning easy.

Nonetheless, the highlight of my learning journey in TWC will be the second project on the Guest Speaker series. The whole process of inviting a reputable guest speaker was not easy due to limited time and resources. It took my team many tries before we manage to engage a guest speaker. I got to say that the whole process from inviting a guest speaker to personally interviewing them was a valuable experience. What I learned was persistency and teamwork.

All in all, my learning experience in TWC was very fruitful. It did not just consist of in-class learning but also out of class learning just like the Guest Seminar.

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TWC-2011/12 Term3B - Robyn Cheng King

Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street - Zig Ziglar

Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street - Zig Ziglar

In Journal 1, I was rather pessimistic, relating my concern and how unsure I was about the applicability of the Technology and World Change course in other aspects of my undergraduate career. Looking back, I must say – I have eaten my own words.

The TWC course is definitely one that I enjoyed immensely. Prior to this course, I have never given much thought about the prospect of entrepreneurship – although the focus was light on entrepreneurship, I could not help but strongly relate to it after the second half of the course.

The lectures were not like anything I have experienced in my time in Singapore Management University. I do admit that the breakout sessions were challenging and sometimes frustrating given the short amount of time to complete the topic assigned. Prior to this, I was very much an individualist, one who only believes in setting personal standards and overachieve. I am happy to say that the breakout sessions, coupled with my teammates gave me a realistic perspective towards this and brought me down to Earth. Teamwork is certainty everything, and is something I need to develop and make a habit of.

I must confess that I was a perfectionist by nature, but strangely enough, it was the highlight of the course – the Guest Seminar, that provoked my views towards this notion. “Do not be afraid to fail” said one of the guest speaker. “If you don’t fail, how will you learn to succeed?” she said. “The only real failure is the failure to rise up from failure” she added. Another told me, “You do not live in a perfect world, why be an arrogant perfectionist?”.

Surprisingly, I was convinced.

The TWC course was taught by Professor Pamela Lim, who is an excellent teacher. Professor Lim employed a personal modus in the lectures, and went beyond just the academics by imparting us with industry-relevant knowledge as well as sharing her own personal entrepreneurial journey. Looking back, she is definitely one that is not shy and afraid to share her experience along with some highly valuable life lessons along the way.

I would have never thought that a course in SMU can drastically change the person I am. I can honestly say I will leave this class a better student. As a bonus, the course has even made my discover so much about myself. I definitely am looking forward to the upcoming academic term, with renewed perspectives and views.

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TWC - 2011/12Term 3B - Le Hoang Trinh

by Le Hoang Trinh

After the course, I succeeded in fulfilling 3 out of my 3 goals, and apart from that, I realized I have learned more than I expected to learn.

1. I learn whenever I was
It was normal for my group to have meetings at 12am. Yes, 12am. At midnight, we used Skype (what a useful technological product!) to discuss and rehearse for presentations. Besides, we also had whole-day meetings, which usually lasted from 10am to 7pm in a single day. From this experience, and from the technological entrepreneur’s interview, I felt that being passionate and working hard regardless of time are important factors to succeed; passion and the willingness to learn can push us far beyond our limits.

I believed if I spent more time for this course, I could have learnt more. Time management was my problem. Beside studying 2 courses, I also took a part-time job, often returning home late at 10-11pm at night. It really affected my time for studying. Now looking back, I wished I hadn’t work that hard, and had spent more time to research deeply the technology concepts and prepare carefully before each class. By that way, I could have learnt more.

However, thanks for the online forum that I had a chance to raise my voice. I set my 3rd goal to jump out of my comfort zone to contribute ideas, and the forum was a great opportunity to do that. Someone raised an interesting topic and we discussed; it helped reinforce the concepts we learnt in class, and kept everyone updated with current technology. I did fulfill my 1st goal partly because of this online forum. And I learnt to say without the fear of making mistakes, hence, I built up my self-confidence.

One of the guest speakers, Miss Norma Sit, said getting ideas was not a problem for an entrepreneur as they can find ideas everywhere. As I kept my ideas journal (which was my 2nd goal), I found what she said was totally true. Everyone had an idea, but the difference was how long he could pursue with it. Mr. Suresh Shankar did imply the same thing, when he told bamboo tree story. Time does matter; it reveals who the truly entrepreneur is. The lesson I learnt is to be not only passionate, but also patient.

2. It was just awesome!
It was definitely an awesome time I spent with TWC Prof, TA, group mates and classmates. I would never ever regret satisfying part of my summer holiday to study TWC. Everything was just awesome.
Though group is reassigned, this was the most bonding group I was in this summer. As we met each other 3 times a week, did in class presentations together, met outside class for group projects, messaged within group every day and night, it was simply bonded. There were 7 members in my group. Kenneth was going to year 4; he was truly a senior with his thoughtful contributions. In opposite, Gary and Peter were the 2 freshmen, who were so active and so energetic, endlessly generating fresh ideas. Joyce was very nice and caring, which might be the reason why the freshies usually called her “mama”. Xinyi always put great effort to group works, especially for presentations. And lastly, Shreeya with her special presentation style: always points at the screen while presenting. Each person got different personality, yet luckily we were in the same group. My TWC journey was awesome mostly because of these six gorgeous group mates.

I was lucky to have a chance to study under Prof Pamela Lim, who brought all these opportunities for me to learn. I was admired not only by her past career as an entrepreneur, but also by the fact that she was a mother of 5 children, yet still leading a balance life.
Initially, I felt Prof didn’t teach us much, yet in the end, it turned out that I had learnt more than I thought. I do agree with Prof that we learn more from self-learning, peer-learning, self-practicing than from normal lectures. What Prof did really reflected her teaching style: let us organize the guest seminar, force us present in every class, make an online forum, etc. I really appreciate that.

Last but not least, there were awesome classmates, who brought all new knowledge to broaden my minds. And there was a cool TA, who was so friendly and passionate, making much effort to facilitate the learning environment in class.

3. End
Time flied. I learnt more from TWC course than I expected. And I’d like to say thank you for everyone for bringing me such an awesome experience, not just to learn but also to explore myself more.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Margaux Ith

by Margaux Ith

I don’t think it would too much of a stretch to say that “Technology and World Change”, as a phrase in itself, should prompt inspired responses. Yet, the its nature as a compulsory university core module stigmatizes it as just another course to be taught within the confines of a seminar room. Or at least that was how I perceived TWC to be before the actual classes themselves kicked in.

I cannot truthfully say that I have anticipated going to class with any other module. Every other three hour class I have taken thus far seemed to be the worst wait of my life, but TWC…TWC is and was clearly different. TWC with Professor Lim transcends expectations and places it in its rightful place as an intriguing subject. I dare not say that the course alone, without care of the instructor who teaches it, is amazing, for I have truly felt that Prof’s style of teaching enhanced the learning journey to a great, great extent. The segmentation of each class ensured that there was a great deal of interaction with my group and supple time to prepare for our in-class presentations. I don’t recall ever being stressed and short of time, or dissatisfied with the end product. Through this, one of my objectives for TWC was fulfilled- application of concepts. It may be a small point which goes unnoticed, but I honestly appreciate the generous amounts of time Prof gave for group discussions, because it really facilitated the thought process and allowed us to produce quality work/apply concepts accurately (short periods of group discussions normally tend to produce slipshod work which makes everyone feel lousy afterwards).

As the summer term went on, I realized that Prof accommodated a wide range of views, despite some being less feasible or realistic than others. Previously in Journal 1, I indicated that my pride would often stand in the way of me being more receptive to my peers’ flawed views, or that I tend to be aggressively defensive of my opinions. However, Prof’s willingness to accept all class participation- of course, except when they were grossly wrong and inaccurate- made me subconsciously more humble and much more open to hearing what other people have to say. After all these lessons, I have heard opinions and perspectives I would have never thought of, and for that, I am grateful to my classmates too.

TWC lessons were fun and more than fulfilled my wish for the course to introduce case studies as often as possible. In this aspect, the guest seminar was probably the cherry on top. We had three entrepreneurs share with us the case study of their entrepreneur lives- it couldn’t get more intimate than that, could it?

They say that a good lesson should be one that covers everything in a way such that you are able to retain the knowledge even after the lesson is over. I can’t put my finger on what it is about TWC, but I find that this holds true for the module. It has been eleven, twelve sessions. But I still recall crystal clear what was taught in say, lesson 2, for example. This is evidence that my second objective, for TWC to really engage me, has been fulfilled. If I can remember what has been taught so many lessons back (and pretty much random details of every lesson- of AC/DC currents, square watermelons, Starbucks and Bucksstar, venture capitalists and angel investors), surely it would only be a natural conclusion that the module must have been engaging. I am extremely happy with this. I use happy and not any other flamboyant adjective because I find that sometimes the simplest words accord the greatest impression. To be extremely happy with the module pretty much sums up with I feel about TWC with Prof Lim and where it has left me after these 4 weeks, and I think that would be the best way to describe the whole process because there really is no other better way to!

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Yap Qiu Cheng

It has been a short yet fun ride on innovation with Prof Lim, Zi Rong and great teammates! It was a never-had-before experience of learning theory through all sorts of medium other than lectures, from breakout topics to class activities such as cooking session and 'Coke vs Pepsi vs Sprite' and even learning from reality TV to understand how innovations and entrepreneurship work in the world out there. Being in the food team for guest seminar, budget was also a challenge for us, but I believed it was a healthy challenge for my team to get creative and innovative with the constraints we face but also the available technology we have to come up with a lavish spread for our guests.

Indeed through these practical applications, I'm able to visualise them more clearly than any of the self-revisions or lectures that I've done or attended, like the pyramid of learning that Prof had shown to us. Although I'm not at the stage of teaching others, I've achieved my target of being able to discuss about technology and innovation through various platforms such as forum, group discussions, or even a simple chat with friends over a cup of coffee.

My greatest takeaway from this course is to be able to have an analytic look on the notion of innovation, an extensive learning on technology and innovation from each other and last but not least being able to hear from entrepreneurs and gurus who had been there and done that.

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TWC - 2011/12Term3B - Jeremy Lim

by Lim Xieyan Jeremy

It has been a pretty fast-paced term. Unknowingly, the term is coming to an end. Now is the time to reflect and think about what I have achieved from attending the course.

To me, before starting the course, I thought the course was about analyzing existing technologies and how these technologies played a role in shaping the human societies. To a certain extent, I wasn't wrong but the course covers more than that.

After reading the course outline and attending the class, I wrote my objectives which i set for myself to achieve by the end. Here a roundup on my own analysis of whether I met my objectives:

1. With the framework of how to classify innovation, I am more equipped to distinguish a technological breakthrough and improvements to current technology. On top of the framework, I also realized in order to effectively use the framework in the textbook, a lot of research needs to be done to quantify the classification of the technology.
2. By using the "Kondratiev cycle", it became apparent to me how to place a technology with respect to its impact on the economy and the impact it brings along to mankind. At the same time, the stage of development the technology is currently at can be determined by using the same wave.
3. With the various theories being introduced, an innovation in technology can be classified in many ways. I have learnt there is no absolute classification, it all boils down to personal opinions and the way to substantiate these opinions.
4. By studying the sources and processes of innovation, I am more aware of how innovation come about but it all starts from an idea. By being more keenly aware on what's happening around me, ideas for the next innovation may be round the corner. All it takes it to realize it and work on it.

All in all, I learnt from the course that the theories are just framework for me to apply them in ways i deemed fit. What matters most is to be able to quantify my opinions with adequate research.
In addition, from the guest seminar, i learnt the road to being an entrepreneur takes more than the framework introduced throughout the course. Personal traits of an innovator plays a role in success and also the timing. But all these knowledge, traits and good timings are not definite success without the courage to take the first step to commence on realization of an idea.

Interestingly, from being in the food team for the guest seminar, I could relate to funding innovation chapter being taught in class. I realized we were like cash-strapped innovators trying to secure fund to succeed in our task. My team had the idea of what we want to realize; to make sure we can provide enough food for the everyone. First thing we did was to ask our families and friends to get sponsorship, akin to getting funding from them to invest in our task. After exhausting all our contacts, we went to ask wholesalers for some of the food items. This is like financial bootstrapping in certain degree. All in all, we did managed to successfully provide a wide variety of food for all and I managed to relate what i learnt in class to such activity. This, to me, is truly the epitome of my take-away from the class.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - Denise Wong

by Denise Wong

Having come to the end of Technology and World Change Summer 2012, it is now time to reflect on how successful I have been in achieving the objectives that I have set for myself at the beginning of term.

The three ‘commandments’ I have set for myself are mentioned below:

1. Thou shalt not be afraid to share and participate in discussion
I think I can safely say that I have participated fairly actively during class and tried my best to contribute valid points to the class discussion. I have definitely learnt a lot from my peers as well.

I really like taking University Core modules; having a range of peers from various faculties makes for interesting classes because there is a wide range of view points and perspectives that are brought up by different students. This is despite the fact that almost 70 to 80 percent of our class consisted of IS students.

Airing my opinions in class really helped me to solidify my knowledge and understanding of the concepts taught by the presenting groups or Prof Pam. Hearing others’ point of views also helped me to be more a more critical thinker and do more detailed, in depth analysis in my own presentations.

2. Thou shalt make the fullest of the Guest Speaker Seminar
Bringing in Mr Greg Hauw for the Guest Speaker Seminar was one of the most interesting things I have done in the course. Greg one of our partners in WhiteHat Society and a major contributor in our club’s activities. WhiteHat Society, for those who have not heard of it, is a Student Interest Group that was founded by a group of SMU students passionate about Information Security. It is located under SISS’ umbrella of clubs.

I really learned a lot from Greg’s interview, both as an IS student AND a TWC student. I particularly liked this part in the interview when we asked him, “how do you know whether an idea is good?”. He replied saying to tell your mother the idea, and if she did not get your idea, go back to the drawing board and rethink your idea – because in the end, your product has to be understandable to the average joe and plain jane; your end consumers.

The other two speakers at the seminar, Ms Norma Sit and Mr Suresh V Shankar were both inspiring speakers that brought up extremely relevant points in doing business and entrepreneurship as well.

Ms Sit, as you will see on her personal page in this website, was my favourite guest speaker. Here is a small excerpt of why I felt most inspired by her:

“ Her cheerful disposition and "gung-ho" spirit is what I really really really love. This never say die spirit of her has allowed her to stand toe to toe with the big names in the business and pitch her ideas to them and see them through to success, as she has done with Numoni Pte Ltd to provide services to the unbanked, less well to do individuals. ”

For the full post please refer to:

As for Mr Suresh V Shankar, I feel that I can relate to him because he, like myself, seems to be a ‘jack of all trades’. He likes to dabble in many different aspects, as can be seen from his description of himself on his business card: “Innovator, Disruptor, Entrepreneur, Incubator, Analytics evangelist”. He was also one of the more candid speakers out of the three, and was not shy to share about his more ‘unglamorous’ and tough moments as an entrepreneur.

It was enlightening to hear about his rough patches in life, like times where his wife was paying all the bills because his startup was not making any money. It made him more ‘human’; he brought himself down to our level to show us that any one of us could be an entrepreneur like him, as long as you have the will and perseverance to see it through.

All in all I would say that the Guest Speaker Seminar has truly been an eye-opening experience for me.

3. Thou shalt not be late to class
I do not think I was ever late to class for this entire summer term, in fact I believe I was mostly early! ☺ It has become a habit for me to turn up about 10-20 minutes early for class – it helps me settle down and get into the mood for lesson.

Being early for classes also meant that I had more time to speak to my peers and consolidate my knowledge of the textbook concepts – often, in the mornings, you could find me and a few friends in a GSR outside class just chatting about the presentations or chapters to be covered later, or content that had been covered in the previous class.

In conclusion, over the course of this summer term, I find that despite the compressed schedule I have learnt a lot from Prof Pam, as well as my fellow peers. As the saying goes, it is not just about the destination. One must stop to enjoy the scenery along the way as well.

Personally, I have definitely enjoyed this module, and if I could, I would not mind doing it all over again! I hope that I will have the honour of taking other modules under Prof Pam in the future ☺

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TWC-2011/2012Term3B-Phyu Phyu Htant

by Phyu Phyu Htant

Target Objective and the Outcome
My initial objective for this course is pretty simple. I wanted to know more about how technology shapes the society and business, and most importantly to enjoy the lesson. I am glad to write here that I have met all my objectives and even gain more than my initial goals. ☺ I learnt a lot from in-class research, presentation, interview with technical entrepreneur and the guest seminar.
Now I am more appreciative of how the technology and innovation works in bringing up the living standards in different countries. Before I took TWC, I didn’t really know how to analyze and view emerging innovations and technology from different perspectives. Now I am more interested to update myself with technological innovation news and articles. I think this positive change is by reading and commenting on my fellow classmates interesting posts, and by their passionate thoughts in the forum.
Some learning journey experiences
I wasn’t very confortable to do research and in-class presentation within a short time with totally new members at the very first few lessons of TWC class. For a few presentations, we ended up doing impromptu presentation since we were still learning the art of researching while managing the time effectively in “emergency”. I even asked my graduated Republic Polytechnic friend for advice about in-class presentation since their school conducts problem based learning (PBL) approach, and requires their presentation every single day. However, after a few lessons, I began to enjoy and get used to it since my members are quite friendly and approachable. Besides, I realized that prof asking us to do in class presentation was to let us experience to work with a group efficiently and to convey the message to the audience effectively. Even though I still need to work harder to do better in presentations, now I feel more comfortable in preparing and performing impromptu presentation with the time constraint.
Moreover, it was also interesting and inspiring to work with graduating students. The way they conduct things in class and approaching group projects are quite different from us. They are more effective and confident in what they do. Besides, they can management the time more efficiently than us as well. I learnt how to get things done with maximum efficiency from my fellow classmates who is graduating seniors. Apart from class works learning, I gained plenty of useful advices about bidding, second majors and other motivational suggestion from them. So, I feel lucky to be able to attend the same class with seniors.
Last but not least, it was amazing to learn from my peers from in-class presentations , discussing and sharing thoughts during lecturer. I enjoyed all the lessons of TWC since I always learned something insightful from every single class. I would like to say from my heart a big thank you to my prof. My one summer month was well invested by taking her TWC class.

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TWC - 2011-12/Term 3B - Choo Chew Peng

The short summer term of the Technology World Change (TWC) module under Prof Lim is definitely an enriching and fruitful learning journey for me. Other than learning the main concepts of how technological advancements are affecting the world, I also gained and learnt various soft skills in the process. The way the course is structured and taught in class has enabled me to learn and think on the spot. Critical thinking and creativity are essential skills that I believe an entrepreneur should possess and this is what Prof Lim has demonstrated to us as well.

I am thus happy to say that I have managed to meet the objectives that I have set forth for myself earlier at the start of the course. I have now gained a better understanding towards technological trend and its effects on the society. Often, the impacts of technology include both the positive and negative aspects that we must all bear in mind in order to avoid the pitfall as tech-savvy consumers today. The changing market conditions and society’s views also play a crucial role in the progress and success of technological innovations where consumers’ receptivity often decides the popularity and lifespan of the innovations. At the same time, innovations can also be limited and favored by different governing policies. The subsequent impacts will then be absorbed by both businesses and the society. Overall, the above-mentioned concepts that I have learnt through the course of TWC, has allowed me to make wiser choices as a consumer and to also see things from an entrepreneur’s perspectives. Although I do not yet have any plans to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, I believe these insights and knowledge that I possess, would also serve me well when I join the corporate world after graduation.

Lastly, amidst all the different concepts that we learnt in class, the greatest takeaway from TWC would be the idea of flexibility and to dare to take the first step out of your comfort zone. This applies not only to entrepreneurship but also on anything in life. In order to think of solutions to the problems that we faced in our everyday lives, we have to adapt to situational changes and always be flexible to think differently. Taking the first step out of our own comfort zone will enable us to view things differently and to broaden our horizon. It will greatly enhance our confidence and as to what I have learnt from Prof Lim – if you never try, you never know.

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TWC-3B-Wong Yong Kit

by Wong Yong Kit

My TWC Group!

My TWC Group!

When I first started the course, I certainly did not know what to expect. The idea of a break out presentation every class terrified me in the beginning. However, as time progressed, these short four weeks that I spent in this class turned out to be one of the most fruitful I have ever experienced.

I came into class hoping to learn more about innovation and its theories. I left learning much more than that. One thing was how I was “forced” to work with my group every class. With the class break out presentations, it really placed our group in a scenario where time is short and every minute must be well-used to come up with a proper presentation. Initially scared stiff at the prospect of having to do that every lesson, I finally appreciated how my group managed to get our acts together and come up with a presentation for class every time. Furthermore, due to the fact that this module was conducted during summer term, that meant the gap between lessons were shorter. For example, in a typical school term, we might have 2-3 weeks to finalize our presentation for our final project on conducting an interview with a technical entreprenuer. However, we now only had within a week to finish our work and present our findings to class. I didn’t belief Prof Pam at first when she said we learnt better through interactive learning. However, after attending so many presentations done by my classmates, I really find that I learnt much more from not only my classmates, but from my own group presentations as well. With this, classes became something I looked forward to everyday. So I had not only learnt and absorbed better when it came to class learning, I also learnt how to better work with my team mates under very unfavorable circumstances and make the best use of what we had to achieve our goal.

Nothing would be complete if we only limit our learning in class. A guest seminar was eventually organized and I was really glad I had the chance to listen to the entreprenuers first hand on their accounts and stories of how they started from scratch to finally being a successful entrepreneur. Yet all of them were very humble, reminding us never to give up and offering us advice when some of us approached them during the intermission and dinner.

One of the best take aways from Prof Pam’s class was her constant reminder to class to always put family first before our career and to spend more time with our kids instead of burying ourselves with work. Another advice I will always remember is “Always work hard and be the top of where you are, you don’t have to use underhanded techniques to be successful.” she said. These advices will stick with me even after classes have ended.

My journey with TWC has not ended yet. I finally got the chance to speak with various entreprenuers, from our case study’s technical entreprenuer to the speakers at the guest seminar, this class has gave me the chance to learn and hear what it is like to innovate and be a entreprenuer. Perhaps one day, I might walk down this path and be an entrepreneur myself. Thanks Prof Pam for letting me learn so much through your class!

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TWC-2011/12-Term3B-Tan Zheng Ming, Kenneth

Upon enrolling in this course, I think I had some typical thoughts that it will be on learning more about technology and its interactions with society and business. I certainly learned that, it wasn’t the case after all.

I have experienced a class environment and teaching style that is quite different from that of other courses, and I would say that it more efficient and effective for learning. Credit goes to Ms Pamela Lim and her wonderful teaching style. Most courses require some form of class part, but none of them so far has given me the same sense of contribution to the rest of the class even though that component is quite high, 25%. I also feel like I have gained some skills and experience just from the planning of the numerous break-out sessions with a given period of time and also to come out with the slides ASAP with ample content in it.

One take away from the course is also presentation skills. As I am a freshman, I would feel nervous when giving a presentation and as we have often been told, presentation skills are important in the working society. I did feel like I have improved in this area, especially thanks to the break-out sessions, which are practically impromptu in nature and very little preparation for practice. I feel that in presentation your ideas, you really need to connect to the audience, or your presentation will be really boring.
About the guest conference, it was something I never expected before I took this course. It was most beneficial part of the course. I feel it was a right move to let students to hear from what an entrepreneur has to say. How do start your own business? What problems will you encounter? How do you overcome them? What makes you so different from others? And for students to invite these guest speaker in such a short period of time, I would have to say the phrase, “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know” applies.
One last takeaway is probably the personal philosophy expressed by Prof herself. She mentioned about her family and how she strikes a balance between work and family and after all, priority is with her family. It shows that things have to be compromised at some point of time in life. And that you have to choose wisely and it is also very subjective to individuals.
Overall, I find that I have gained and learned from TWC and I believe many course mates will feel the same way too,

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TWC-2011/12Term 3B-Toh Beng How

by Toh Beng How

Coming towards the end of my TWC journey, I am still pleasantly surprised with the multitude of information that I have learnt throughout the course. Instead of meeting my objectives that I have set, the course actually surpassed my expectations of it.

I started the course hoping to gain more insights about how technical entrepreneurs arises, where they have succeeded and where they have felt. But the turning points of the lessons were when Prof. Pam posted the link to her teaching philosophy as well as attending the guest seminar. Through sharing her teaching philosophy, I began to fully understand why we have so many breakout sessions!

Critical thinking, presentation, organizing of information, asking the right questions, these are skills that cannot be imparted by word of mouth effectively, instead when we are being put through the paces, that is where we gain the most. Hard pressed for time during breakout sessions, we learnt to pinpoint the main points within a topic, answer the appropriate questions as well as structure the presentation efficiently. Emerging from the course, I feel much more confident of myself.

From then on, whenever Prof. shares with us her personal experiences, be it as a educator or as an entrepreneur, I learn to better appreciate where she is coming from. One of the lines that resonated with me was when someone asked her what sort of exit strategy should one plan for. Prof. Pam said " You go into the business wanting it to succeed, if you go in with exit in mind, you're bound to fail".
Very true to what we are doing now, sometimes we need to be focused and not be side-tracked.

Lastly, I felt the Guest Seminar allowed us the opportunity to see our textbook theories in action. From Ms Norma showing us the oh-so-familiar Technology S-Curve. To Mr. Gregory talking about seeking funding from Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. It brings so much more realism to theories that used to exist on paper. Not to mention, things that were not in the textbook.

I learnt that
- entrepreneurship is not always fun and games, that one has to make big sacrifices throughout the journey.
- we should not undermine the value having a career in the corporate world
- there are so many types of entrepreneurs out there, even within our 3 guest speakers we see a range of personalities
- budget airlines are called cow class...
- and lastly, not to consider growing bamboo :)

All in all, I highly recommend anyone out there to take this course, because the knowledge that you gain simply cannot be learnt anywhere else.

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TWC - 2012/13 (Term 3B) - Tan Siong Min

Looking back, I still remember the first class of TWC where I had no clear idea what this module is about. I thought that it will just be yet another module that we had to learn about the boring theories that some unknown people came up with. Much to my surprise, when I entered the class, we had to prepare for a presentation straight away after the break. This was something I have yet to encounter in any of the modules I have taken.

Throughout the course of TWC, I believe it has strengthen my ability to voice out my opinions in front of an audience despite the fact that I rarely participate in class discussion. The breaks allow us to research and find out more in the short time span and this is certainly useful in the current workplace where we always have to have information at our finger tips. I enjoy the way of learning where we apply the theories to the case studies and use the case studies to back up the theories.

To take the module under Prof Pamela is a total different experience. This form of learning is engaging yet informative. Prof and the guest seminars helped in the sharing of the potholes we may encounter in life and the possible ways of handling them. I like the way how TWC has helped us in shaping the attitude and aptitude we should have in life.
This module has strengthened my personal learning by focusing on the importance of team work, collaboration and presentation skills. This way of learning has allowed me to generate ideas spontaneously.

Indeed, like most students who have taken this module under Prof Pamela, TWC is a module like no other.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Jen Low

Prior to attending the course, I had the impression that the course was more like a history class that would probably cover topics such as the industrial revolution. However, my expectations were proven to be very wrong as I found out during the first lesson whereby after a short introduction, we were split into groups and made to prepare for an in class presentation. This marks a departure in style from the other classes that I have attended in SMU as we were made to work with little instruction from the professor, and I felt uncomfortable at the notion of having to present to the class with little time for preparation. However, my fears were soon allayed as my group mates were very participative and a lively discussion on the topic soon took placed.

Although I was uncomfortable with presentations, I eventually came to realise that it has been a useful tool in learning; I was able to grasp and remember the concepts of the chapter better by making preparation for the presentation as well as listening to the presentations made by my peers. The difference in the style of the class had also made it more interesting than the conventional lectures that I have attended in SMU.

My initial goal for the course was simply to attain a good grade. Although that goal hasn't change, I find that I have gained a better understanding on what innovation and entrepreneurship is about. Although innovation is a term that is widely used in today's globalised economy that worships the like of Steve Jobs, I didn't realise that my pre-conceived notion of innovation; being creative in solving problems, only form part of the equation, with commercialisation and diffusion playing an important role. The theories behind innovation has also lead me to understand how does innovation take place and the reasons behind its importance.
In terms of entrepreneurship, the course has been an eye opener. It has broaden my view on the notion of entrepreneurship and my understanding of the processes behind it. Through the guest seminar and the sharing of Prof's personal experience, I came to gain a better awareness of what entrepreneurship entails and various difficulties that an entrepreneur would face. More importantly, I now understand the meaning behind the phrase "entrepreneurial spirit" as it requires a person to posses the qualities of determination, passion, enthusiasm and the can-do attitude for him to become a successful entrepreneur.

Looking beyond the curriculum, I think that what I've gain most from this course are the life lessons I've derived from Prof and the various guest speakers. When Prof was sharing with the class her personal experiences and proclaimed that she has never failed in any of her endeavours, I initially thought that it was a statement of arrogance, but her body language showed that it was made out of a quiet confidence of her abilities. I soon observe the same air of confidence from our guest speaker and find that perhaps this is another qualities of an entrepreneur; to have the confidence in your own abilities. Though I cannot be sure if confidence breed success or vice versa, I was inspired by it. I was also inspired by the spirit of venture from Mr. Greg Hauw who moved to a foreign land to form a start up, as was the passion and enthusiasm of Ms Norman Sit as an social entrepreneur; serving the underbanked, and Mr. Suresh Shanker's notion of listening to your 'inner voice'.

Perhaps the most poignant takeaway I've got from the course was the need to communicate our intelligence pointed out by Prof. As a person who is uncomfortable with class part, I didn't realise the importance of being able to communicate my thoughts and ideas, and the statement had made me think about the issue and realised that it would become a problem in the future if I continued to let my discomfort to fester.

All in all, I find the course to be an enjoyable learning experience and though I may not become an entrepreneur, I find the lessons learnt in the course to be applicable in other aspects of life. Therefore, I wish to thank Prof, TA and the class for the experience.

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TWC-2012/Summer-Lau Wen Yang Aldred

Looking back at the first lesson in TWC, I was and am still just a freshmen about the to begin my journey in SMU. I had no idea nor clue as to what TWC was all about. Therefore, I would say my main objective of the course was to try to 'jump start' my brain which had been overly inactive and attempt to get a decent grade for the course. However, looking at the pace of the lessons and the amount of presentations we had to do, I realise how important it was to be always prepared, always ready and be able to apply what you learnt in lessons effectively.

I learnt that it was important and crucial to actively contribute ideas during class as it was what kept the attention going and enabling a more dynamic learning environment which allowed us to learn from our counterparts while the Proffessor acted as the facilitator of the lessons. The tussling of ideas by everyone during the class was what enabled us to breach each topic easily and showed the relevance of the various frameworks we learnt in the various things we discussed during lesson. More importantly, the forum which was set up by Prof also enabled us to take things out of the class and continue sharing amongst our peers about interesting articles and related news to further reinforce our conceptual understanding of the lessons in class.

The various styles of presentation in class was also an enlightening process as I saw how witty everybody was so that they would be able to capture everyone's attention while delivering what they have to 'teach' to the class in the process. It showed me how difficult it was to teach at times. Q & A sessions also helped me to learn to think of the spot and also the importance of teamwork as we would always help to reinforce each other's answers and help each other out. This are valuable lessons which would be most relevant in the future as we step out into the working world.

Lastly, the technical and theoretical knowledge which i gained during the lesson was most valuable as it helped me to make sense and understand how analysts or investors were able to identify the various socio-economic problems and trends happening and be able to accurately come up with prescriptions to address the issues. Also, it taught me about the many processes and steps involved in entrepreneurship ranging from the different forms of innovation, the type of entrepreneur, the ways to identify what course of innovation or business solution we should adopt and the type of investments we could seek and the various protection measures we could take to safeguard our own interest.

All in all, I would say the course throughout TWC has been truly enriching and I have also made new friendships which i believe have been a huge bonus despite the short 4-5 weeks spent during lessons. I am glad to have made the choice to take this course.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - Suraj Dhanraj Binwani

by Suraj

This was my second module in SMU, and it definately did not disappoint me. Infact I believe I have met most of the objectives I set for myself in this course, and surpassed even some of them.
Before this course, one of the objectives I set is that I wanted to learn about how Technology has positively impacted the world. I had already read about famous inventors and their inventions such as the Light bulb by Thomas Edison and the Television by John Logie Baird. But there were so many other technologies I have never heard about like the osteotome (the first ever orthopaedic tool) cloud storage security and nanotechnology, just to name some of them.

However, I learnt more than simply about inventions, but rather how these inventions get brought to the market and undergo the commercialisation phase, which is what sets an innovation apart from a mere invention. I also learnt about the various types of innovations. Initially, I thought the Ipod was a revolutionary piece of equipment but after reading up realised that it’s basically existing components put together in a new system, which simply makes it an architectural innovation. And what was more surprising, was despite the “wow” factor of the Ipad, it was simply an incremental change to the Ipod touch. Learning about the type of innovation makes me a better informed consumer.

Another objective that I set for myself was to improve my confidence in delivering presentations. Being new to university and fresh out of NS, I had not spoken infront of an audience for a while. With the many 45 minute break out sessions that the prof gave us, we had to quickly extract the relevant information, summarise it. The list of presentation topics that we (G1 group 5) covered was quite extensive, and it included things like the invention of paper, the network model, and even the BMW vs MBLW trademark infringement case.

The breakout sessions are the reason why I applaud Prof Pamela’s style of teaching because, rather than a very didactic system whereby the lecturer talks throughout the system, we get to share our own thoughts on the subject matter as well as get to know about the differing perspectives of our classmates. We also got to work in teams and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of our fellow group mates. I must admit though, that I could not have expected more from my group mates because they were very supportive, and gave me their well needed guidance in my second module in SMU.

The third and final objective that I have was to meet entrepreneurs in person and get to know about them. The guest seminar gave me the chance to do this, and I am very thankful for that. All 3 speakers at the guest seminar were really inspirational and while Miss Norma Sit stood out for me, I also enjoyed interviewing our own guest speaker, Mr Greg Hauw. His responses to our questions were very relatable to. I liked this part in the interview when we asked him “how do we know if an idea is good”. He replied by saying “tell your mother the idea”, and if she did not get your idea, go back to the drawing board. From this I learnt, that the simplicity of an idea is extremely important. Another benefit of having an entrepreneur talk to you in person, is we get a better idea of the challenges they face in their startup, such as how they get their funding and how they protect their intellectual property.

To round up, I have to say this TWC course has been a rather fulfilling one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually wouldn’t mind doing another module under Prof Pamela again!

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Wong Yin Tak

When I first stepped into the seminar room, I had little inkling on what to expect from this course, TWC. Being a greenhorn year zero student certainly did not help. Reading through the course out-line beforehand provided me a peep of what laid ahead of me.

At the beginning of the course, I have set myself both primary and secondary objectives. The primary objective is to gain as much textbook knowledge as possible: Technology. The secondary objective being learning through peers, i.e. equipping myself with soft skills I pick up along the way, these cannot be taught using the textbook, they must be acquired through daily interactions. Not only have I achieved both sets of objectives, I have also gained valuable insights and lessons throughout the course of my study.

In-class presentations was something new to me; groups were given an hour of preparation, followed by a short presentation which tackles the questions that were posed to the groups. I had group mates who guided me through the process, from researching of relevant information to answering the question appropriately. By doing adequate research and engaging in active peer discussion among ourselves. I found out that I gained deeper insights and understanding on the related topic. Through peer discussion, my doubts were addressed and as a result, I attained a clearer picture of the topic.

In a nutshell, I have learnt from this course that there is basically no right or wrong answers/definitions. As such, much of the information which was disseminated to us from the textbook was subject to differing perspectives, and how we interpret them. With points of view, one unlike the other, we were able to come up with varying reasons to substantiate our arguments. It was interesting to see how we were able to quickly analyse the data which were presented to us, digested it, and clarified any lingering doubts we had on the spot.

Finally, what really left behind a long-lasting impression on me was when Prof Pamela Lee shared with us her personal experiences. I believe all of us can tap on her vast working experience and apply it when we are in the corporate world. Such advice certainly cannot be obtained from the classroom environment. Overall, the learning experience I had for the past month has been enriching, and I am very grateful for having wonderful group mates and a fantastic Prof!

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-WANG Rui

After the end of TWC course, I have met my objectives to the large extent. I’ve learnt how Technology had changed the world in the past and gained a better understanding over its influencing power. I believe in the near future, Technology will still be the driving force to economic growth and it’ll continue to shape our way of doing things in daily life.

I believe after this course, one of the 2 things that I’ll remember for life would be the understanding of entrepreneurs and Miss Norma’s sharing of problem-based innovations.

All the while I’ve been thinking that entrepreneurs are just lucky innovators who just happened to come across a bright idea by chance and then lucky enough to implement the idea at the right time. I used to think the greatest thing with entrepreneurs is their luck. However, the guest seminar had proved that I was absolutely wrong! I’ve learnt that other than luck, there are so much more that entrepreneurs had to undergo before reaching to their success. The amount of time and effort they have devoted into implementing their idea really struck me! I’ve learnt that successful entrepreneurs must have faith and confidence in themselves and have the spirit of keep going.

Miss Norma’s thinking of problem-based innovation really struck with me as well. I find it truly inspiring and beneficial. I could not agree more with her that innovations based on problems will bring the most values to the society. And if we always innovate based on the existing problems, having an innovative idea would be so easy. I found this totally different from what I used to think last time that it is difficult for someone to come across an innovative idea. Furthermore, I’ve also learnt that innovations might not be something big, it could be a very small and seemingly easy change to an existing product that makes the whole product much more useful and valuable.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - PEH Zhengyang

by Zhengyang

I have had a meaningful and enriching TWC journey and am happy to say that I have met a good part of the objectives that I had set for myself at the beginning of the course. The objectives, as well as a description of how I have achieved them are as follows:

(1) Understanding how technology has changed the world:

Through the past 12 sessions, I learnt a great deal about the impact of technology and innovation on the world. I also learnt about how to analyze technological innovations using different frameworks and theories such as the Technology S-curve, the innovation process, and so on. All these help me to better understand how technology can serve as a great enabler for effecting positive changes. At the same time, I also had the opportunity to learn about the ill effects of technology. Such knowledge is crucial, and serves as a good reminder that even great things such as technology should be “consumed” in moderation, and that balance is the key. I believe that this better understanding of technology will definitely be of great help to me in the near future as I embark on my career.

(2) Developing skills that can be used for other modules:

I certainly got more than I bargained for in terms of acquiring skills that will be useful for other modules. At the beginning, I was thinking about developing my analytical, investigative and synthesizing skills by working on the group projects as well as in-class presentation. However, I later found that I learnt a whole lot more than just skills that would help me in my schoolwork. For example, the course also helped me to improve on people skills, as I learnt to work with my team members, facilitating discussions and managing expectations.

More importantly, I learnt about life skills from Prof. Pamela, and I think it is something that is of even greater value than all the TWC theories I have learnt in class. I have to say that this was not a course whereby I just learnt to memorize theories and aim to do well in tests. But rather, many issues shared by Prof. Pamela actually challenged me to think deeper about things that are of greater importance to me. For example, she highlighted that our interpersonal skills and the way we handle ourselves (emotionally and mentally) are much more important than our technical skills when we join the working world in time to come, using a case of a student from her previous class who had suffered from cyber-bullying and malicious use of the internet to illustrate her point.

Another thing that I really appreciated her sharing was her belief that “wealth is not the only way to measure a person’s success”, and how family means even more to her. Not many people, let alone professors, are willing to share such advice about life. In a way, I benefitted from this greatly because as I progress through other stages from my life, I will remember this advice, and avoid getting caught up in a “rat race”, forgetting to appreciate the finer things in life.

(3) Acquire skills that could be useful for entrepreneurship:

Though this module, I also acquired knowledge that I believe will be useful for me should I decide to become an entrepreneur. One useful tip that I learnt from Prof. Pamela would be that I always have to know my numbers (e.g. financial projections, estimated profit margin, breakeven points, etc.), particularly when I am pitching an idea to potential investors or grant providers.

Furthermore, the guest seminar was a brilliant idea, and provided me with a great deal of insights about entrepreneurship. One takeaway that I got from Prof. Pamela’s summary of the guest seminar was that it is very important to be passionate about your business, and to learn to bring across your ideas to the audience in a clear and convincing manner. A good example would be Ms. Norma Sit from Numoni, who was able to establish great rapport with the audience and share her business ideas in a way that was easy to understand. I believe that such a skill would be very important when communicating with both customers as well as potential partners, when one is presenting her/his business.


All in all, I have learnt a lot through the past 12 weeks, both from Prof. Pamela, as well as my classmates. In particular, I really liked the interactive nature of our class and how many of us were eager to contribute to one another’s learning. It has been a wonderful experience and a pleasure to have known all of you who have gone through this TWC journey with me. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best!

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MGMT002-2011/12Term3-Selena Shen

I definitely met the objective I set for myself in the being of this module. What I take away from the course is particularly on the multiple break-out session in class. Besides molding my presentation skills, the break-out session effectively facilitate my learning in TWC. I was able to grasp a better understanding when I share the findings my group did. In addition, I liked the way Prof Pamela facilities the class participation. It made me feel comfortable in sharing my thoughts and there is such openness among my classmates that made learning easy.

However, I got to say that the highlight for me throughout my learning in TWC is the second project on the Guest Seminar series. The whole process of inviting a reputable guest speaker wasn't easy due to limited resources and time. It took my team many tries before we manage to engage a guest speaker, and I got to say that the process taught me about teamwork.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Tan Eileen

Through this journey, I had changed my angle on the way that I think in every aspect of my life. The most fruitful session was when Prof Pamela Lim shared her personal experience and also the break-out sessions.

Every break-out session, we were given topics to research on in a very short period of time. I feel that it was a very helpful idea as I had gained a lot of experience while working with my group mates and we shared numerous interesting ideas, and information. Other group’s presentations have provided me with a whole lot of information too.

I am an introvert person and every session’s class participation and presentation was a “nightmare” to me. Many people were saying that SMU is not the right school for me as I do not like to speak up in class. Although I am still not very good at it but I think that the sessions and encouragements by my group mates has at least helped me a little to speak in class. It is a great experience for me to expose to this environment more frequently.

In addition, through this course, I feel that innovation such as technology is very important to change the world. I remember one of the guest speakers, Norma Sit, said that now we are living in a generation whereby many things had been thought and invented. However, I remembered she said, "Look at the problems existing in this world". There are many more innovations that should be created for the people living in the third world country. After hearing what she has shared, I realized that innovation is never a “full stop” in any area. People are constantly demanding for better living and products/tools that is able to help them in all ways.

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TWC - 2012 (Summer 3B) - Vanessa Leong

Pamela Lim : Nice photo!

Pamela Lim : Nice photo!

I sure am glad I made the choice to enroll in Prof Lim's TWC summer class, as I honestly didn't expect to learn so much about the nature and methods of entrepreneurship during these past few weeks.

Understanding the types, processes and strategies of innovation was something I found really useful since I love design and marketing. It was also pretty interesting to learn about the evolution of companies and technologies to fit new eras and consumer needs, and what our current Internet age would develop into. In fact, I find myself reading Digital Life more often now, and taking the time to go through technology-related news articles! Lesson objectives achieved.

Prof Lim's teaching style was initially a surprise, as I was always used to the usual lecture per class. Now imagine having to give a practically impromptu presentation every lesson! Stressful, yes, but I actually found myself absorbing and retaining more knowledge this way, as well as getting over stage fright before presenting. The guest seminar, well-organised by my classmates, was both an enlightening and sobering experience as I was able to see past the glamour of being a successful startup CEO to the many problems and obstacles the guest speakers faced.

I always thought entrepreneurship was only for a reckless few, but now I realise that with solid support, a good market knowledge plus oodles of passion and never-say-die attitude, anyone could start a business that just might change the world for the better!

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TWC - AY 11/12 Term 3B - Lai Yong Liang

My notepad 'scribble' of my thoughts during a typical lesson.

My notepad 'scribble' of my thoughts during a typical lesson.

These are the three goals I have set out to accomplish from the start of the course:

1. I want to learn to organize my thoughts better and to better my ability to think deeper and critically so as to argue with clarity.
2. I want to learn to maintain an open mind.
3. To be conversant with the principles of innovation and gain a deep understanding why technological change will continue to shape our socio-economic activities.

There were 3 steps I came up with to achieve my first goal. The first is to force myself to have an opinion on all the issues raised in class so I could practice organizing my thoughts. My second step is to define how exactly my thinking process works and put it into a step-by-step process. And the last is to muster the courage to speak up in class.

I have been following these 3 steps diligently with my first goal in mind and I think it work pretty well! I was really shy in the first lesson and slowly with these 3 steps, I have been able to speak up in class with clarity and towards the end of the course, I think people understand what I’m saying better. I’m supposing so because the last few times I spoke, no one asked me to repeat or clarify what I said. So I guess that’s an indication that I spoke clearly and that's an improvement from the first few times I voiced!

I regret to say that even with that much practice, I wasn’t able to outline a step-by-step process of how my thinking process is like. However, I think I cultivated a pretty useful habit, that is I always have ‘notepad’ open during class and I type away with all the thoughts that comes to my mind and I get to practice organizing them after. (refer to picture attached!)

I think this way of organizing my thoughts really helped me muster the courage to speak up in class because I know clearly what I’m going to say and I am going to make sense and people will understand what I’m going to say. I will continue to work on structuring my personal, step-by-step thinking process though!

With that, I consider accomplishing my first goal!

After the first two lessons, I realized the importance of keeping an open mind when my group was presenting the microwave project and during Q&A someone debated against our classification of the microwave as a different form of innovation.

Looking back at my first journal, I committed to fiercely question assumptions and opinions no matter how true they may be or appear to be at first. I think this mindset served me well in analyzing issues with more accuracy and discover interestingly new perspectives.

Take for example, if I weren’t thinking and questioning fiercely enough, I wouldn’t have realized the irony of the consideration of sunk costs. Sunk costs are explained as inertia factors stopping companies from adopting new technologies and instead they can choose to sub-contract R&D. But sub-contracting also involves spending and that is incurring sunk costs as well! I clarified with Prof on this and she agrees that both are sunk costs and what companies usually do is to evaluate the option with the highest cost-benefit ratio and execute it.

I think in this one example I wasn’t only able to see beyond the surface but I reaped an interesting perspective from Prof apart from it, which added value to me!

I intend to continue with this way of questioning and starting internal debates within me so I may continue to see beyond surface matters and perhaps discover different possibilities and interesting perspectives from it!

For my last goal, I think the mid-terms would be a good gauge on how well I have achieved it. And I think I’m still rather distant from accomplishing that goal since I didn’t exactly do very well. But that isn’t going to stop me from accomplishing that last goal! This is a public commitment that I’d master it!

That said, I think the goal is a pretty ‘tough’ one in the sense that we live in a very fast-paced, fast-changing world where technologies change very quickly, market needs and conditions varies very quickly and it can be difficult to keep up.

But I think recognizing this fact of the world is first step to gain a deeper understanding of how technological change will continue to shape socio-economic activities.

And I truly believe that understanding Technology and World Change doesn’t just stop when this course ends, but it’s a life-long learning journey that is essential for anyone who wants to stay relevant in a world that changes rapidly.

Lastly, I am thankful for many of the enlightening insights I have learnt from this course, from Prof’s sharing of her disbelief in ‘careers before family’ to her belief that students will learn more from in-class presentations (true enough, I did!), from Ms. Norma’s analogy of the ship captain to Mr. Suresh’s analogy of the Chinese bamboo tree! And I’m thankful also for the opportunity (to have a legitimate reason) to call up an entrepreneur and interview him! I mean, how many year zeros gets to do this during their zeroth year?

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TWC-2011/2012Term3B-Joshua Ho

Emcee-ing at the Guest Seminar

Emcee-ing at the Guest Seminar

Emcee-ing at the Guest Seminar

When writing my objectives in my 1st Journal, I was not sure how the course would turn out. Improving class participation, creating synergy in teamwork, and learning more about innovation were some of the objectives I set for myself. I'm happy to say these were not only met but we became fast and happy friends.

I think the class atmosphere was really good and people were not afraid to bring up interesting points and ideas. At the same time, in-class presentations brought about lots of information and points of view that would not have normally turned up while simply surfing the internet or wikipedia. I think this made class especially fun and helped me to be more vocal in class. I also enjoyed reading posts and interesting articles linked on the online forum. Indeed, sometimes, some of us are more comfortable with the written word. And because everyone is so encouraging and brings insightful ideas and points to the table, it really becomes a very useful learning platform.

I think that the guest seminar was good. Even though preparing the emcee scripts was relatively new to me and sometimes difficult with lack of information flow and last-minute changes, I think it was a good experience. I really enjoyed myself while emcee-ing although this was only my 2nd time (my first while as a freshman participating in Arts Camp as part of an activity by SMUBE). It is going to a valuable experience that follows me throughout my life in SMU and beyond.

My group mates are a fun loving and happy bunch and I really really really enjoyed working with them. I like how everyone is so proactive and eager to share their ideas and help one another with what we need to do. This really made synergy possible and even though we were one of the first two groups to present on the 2nd Session, I think we did a fantastic job. Perhaps even surprising a few in the class by bringing blowtorches.

Takeaways: Other than various concepts on innovation, its theories, its forms, its types, its funding, & its processes, I think what made it all the more interesting and informative were the various experiences Prof shared in class. That is something that could not have come from anywhere else.

I was also happy to learn that climbing up in the business world was truly possible with integrity and without compromising on your ideals. I think that this was especially important in this world where stories of corruption in the business world make headlines (and hope for humanity looks bleak).

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MGMT002 - AY11/12 Term 3B - Kenneth Kok

Having spent three awesomely wonderful years in this amazing place called SMU (I really think so!), I thought I might have seen it all. The Technology and World Change (TWC) module is really one that stands out from the rest, in more good ways than bad. (Yes! I’m going to be honest about the bad too! ☺)

During the first few lessons I was confused as to why there were so many presentations and “interesting” class activities. It’s never happened before. The stereotypical idea of a “fluff” module set in almost immediately. Soon after, I came to the realization that hey!, my beloved project team has benefited a lot from the time management and organization skills that came along with the experience. These activities were not just there for us to “score class part points” or “pass the time”, they actually did help us think critically and research as though our life depended on it! In all honesty, as the weeks went by, we became better at it and spent a larger portion of our time bonding with jokes and stories.

In the final lesson, I was heartened to hear Professor Pamela unveil the reasons for her teaching methodology. I’m really happy to know that she is interested in us learning as much as possible and to break away from the norms of a seminar styled lesson. Not many professors would go such a distance to ensure the learning of the students. That said, I think it is regrettable that we did not get to hear enough of experiences due to the short three-hour sessions. If nothing else motivates us students, I think the sharing of real stories and challenges will!

Concepts and theories are beneficial for our learning and understanding, but when it comes to the real world, it is not easy to agree with whatever the textbook says. More often than not, I find learning from professor and classmates during the discussions a lot more fulfilling. Through the issues discussed, I can see the importance and relevance to the world today, and the workplace I’ll be entering shortly. This therefore makes the content and sharing a lot more interesting.

I really appreciate about the people met in this module, especially my very own teammates. The many sharing and arguing sessions gave light to matters I never really gave much thought to. I’m really thankful for team mates who are willing to engage in debates with me while frequently acting as the devil’s advocate, to value add to my learning on top of the subject mater. I strongly believe in being able to wear many “hats” and think critically about issues from different perspectives, hence my desire to develop myself in this area. Finally, an insightful session with distinguished guest speakers was icing on the cake, I’m sure many would agree.

I fell in love with entrepreneurship at a really young age and have decided during May this year to take a step of faith and get things done – even if it ends up in a complete failure. It was a great opportunity to have taken TWC this semester and I believe that the journey taken has bolstered not just confidence, but ability in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Looking back, I think the goals I’ve set out to accomplish were more than satisfied. I’ve understood the importance of the subject matter and am now able to relate the concepts to an entrepreneurial journey I’d be proud to call my own. Thanks everyone and have a most blessed semester one! ☺

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TWC-2011/12Term3b- Kelly Heon Jeung

Actually I was the one who hate any things that are related with technology. I thought that technology is mainly for guy's stuffs and thought technolgy=eletronic stuffs. How ignorant I was? Though this course I broke all those stereotypes toward techonology. It was great to know how major techonology we took as a grant evolved though.(Microwaves,mobiles,vacuum etc..) and the way to protect those technology with different ways such as patents and registered design was memorable as well and it was interesting to rouhly know the process of patenting.

A great point of this class was guest seminar. How could I have a chance to share entrepreneurs' ideas and experiences without the seminars? I learned about how to invent great innovations and how good to be entrepreneurs( they are rich!) and but the one thing that I relizsed in almost end of the class was that being entrepreneur is rather diffucult than it seems so.

Including prof's saying, our guests also share their difficulties directly or indrectly during the seminars. Though Ms.Norma I could see how she tried hard to manage her time for her child and her works. Through Mr.Suresh I could see how hard it is to be persistent towards his invention when you can't see any changes for more than few years. Through prof and mr.Greg,I could know how the path of being entrepreneurs can be lonely. and I hope all of our friends and clssmates who wish to be entrepreneurs in near future to aware those points and ready to accept those:)

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - GOKARN Ila Nitin

by GOKARN Ila Nitin

I started out in the course with a set of objectives - to learn technological theories, how innovations came about and the way innovations got affected by the markets and the commercialization process, and how business and technology came together. I had heard that Prof Pamela Lim was a great teacher, so I expected an engaging classroom environment, and the class turned out to be more than I expected. I found engaging classmates, insightful presentations, and a variety of theory topics and breakout sessions which expected us to apply the maxims taught or presented to us.

In class, each day presented a different topic, which I found quite enriching, but what made the learning experience better was the way by which Prof Lim encouraged each group to work on a breakout discussion topic which brought the key points of the lecture to the forefront. Prof Lim mentioned this to us in our last class that we always stayed on her intended track due to her methodology of teaching by thinking. This ultimately drilled the key points into our heads, even before we left class. During the breakout sessions, I learnt a lot from my group mates. Each of us belonged to a different school, so we brought forward different viewpoints to the topic, different opinions and details. This really enriched the output generated by us in our group presentations. The breakout presentations that we gave every class were instrumental in improving the speed with which I prepare for a presentation, along with my confidence of speaking on a topic after an hour of research, and this is the key differentiator between TWC and other modules I’ve done so far. It is also the reason I feel I learnt so much more in class, than what I would have learnt only by the course syllabus.

The Guest Seminar also added to the learning outcomes from this course. Learning of theories is entirely different from conversing with the entrepreneurs who’ve applied them, and the Seminar gave us just the perfect opportunity to converse with the professionals. Mr Greggory Hauw, Ms Norma Sit, and Mr Suresh Shanker gave us anecdotes from their respective journeys as well as interesting pieces of advice. It was an enriching experience, one that gave me a lot to ponder on, like if any of my ideas could be commercialized, and if yes, how I would go about it and when.

Prof Lim’s practical pieces of advice on perseverance, family, career, the corporate world and entrepreneurial world resonated with me, and I’m sure that these pieces of advice are my biggest takeaway from the entire course. What I will do these pieces of advice, is what I have to figure out during the rest of my academic career. It was on the whole a pragmatic and enriching course, one which taught things far beyond the course syllabus and the text book, and one which I enjoyed thoroughly.

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TWC-2012/2013Term3B- Michael Cheong

by Michael Cheong



It is not just about having a scientific background in order to come up with a conclusion of observation, development of hypotheses for innovation to occur, nor is it just having wonderful ideas. Technology & World Change module allows us to have a framework for integrating science and technology to come up with a new invention and to be specific, innovation is the process of commercialisation of a new invention. At times, scientific breakthrough leads to advancement in technology whereby new gadgets or products are seen in market. Thus, this module is generally crucial in understanding the need of the consumer and providing innovative products to suit their purposes.

In order to profit from the new innovated product, we have learnt to spot the various state of the economy situation. In times of recession, this is where most scientist and innovators carry out research for scientific breakthrough and introduce new product into the market. Thus, this in turn boosts the economy due to consumer demand and spending which spur the growth of company’s revenue. Having a framework of how ideas can turn into product and entrepreneurship being trained, we have also instilled with the knowledge on Intellectual Property Rights to protect the rights of the owner in order to prevent competitors or imitators from infringement. Lastly, having a product in hand but facing restriction of funds would result in a poor opportunity to commercialise the new product no matter how wonderful it is. We have learn that the entrepreneurs can source for various monetary support through government grants or enjoy initial start up tax incentives as a form to support the success of running a business before profit is seen.

On the whole, most people surrounding us would criticise any fresh idea presented, yet we have to be a contrarian to forge ahead anyone. There is a need to realize a viable business idea when we find the "white space," which is just a new need in the marketplace that no one is filling. To end off, I am motivated by the words of wisdom from Prof Pamela and in her advice that, without trying, you would never get to know the result.

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TWC-2011/2012Term3b-Lim Tak Hoa Ronald

by Lim Tak Hoa Ronald

I had set for myself a simple and realistic goal at the beginning of the course and that is just to learn more from Professor Pamela Lim and my peers. Needless to say, I did achieve my objectives. I acknowledge that it seems pointless to set such an easy goal but I do have my reasons for doing so. Firstly, goals are meant to be realistically achievable. Secondly I was not expecting that a course could radically change the way I think or do things. Lastly, setting a simple goal does not stop me from achieving more.
While the goal that I have set for myself is of little worth, the things that I have learnt from the course is of great value. Most of it is from the in-class discussion, forum, Professor’s sharing, assignments, guest seminar and my own research. The in-class discussion and forum exposed me to different perspectives with regard to how technology could/should/will/might be used. Furthermore through these channels of discussion, it made me aware of some of the technology that I never knew existed. The assignments, break out sessions and guest seminar helped me to hone the skills that would be required when I start working. Apart from that, Professor Pamela Lim’s sharing of her own experiences and knowledge gave me an insight to the practices and behavior that are taking place in the working world. One would hardly find such words of wisdom in textbooks or course materials. It is Professor Pamela Lim’s unique teaching pedagogy that makes learning fun, interactive and highly retentive. Lastly, the friendships that I have forged during the course made the time spent even more worthwhile.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - Tan Li Hui Amanda

by Amanda Tan

Time really flies, it seems just recently that I was contemplating whether to take TWC during the summer term, and now the last class for TWC has already ended. Reflecting now, I know taking TWC during the summer term is one of the best decisions I have made. TWC lessons have been enjoyable and interesting while at the same time informative and a great learning experience.

Attending Prof Pamela’s lessons really makes one feels that there are no stupid questions as long as they were well-thought out of. Prof Pamela’s lessons were engaging and thought-provoking as she shares with the class many of her life experiences and views about various topics. In bringing her experiences, Prof Pamela brings to life the concepts that were taught. My TWC’s classmates were also very friendly, and it has helped a lot in putting everyone at ease to class participate. As such, over the past few weeks of lessons, I was able to muster up the courage to speak up in class and voice my views. What Prof Pamela said during the last lesson: “it is not getting the right answers, but asking the right questions”, was very inspiring and I know it is likely to spur me on to ask more questions in future, so that eventually I would be asking the right questions. All in all, I feel that I did meet my objective of speaking up more in class and out of class.

The guest seminar was a different experience altogether too, as entrepreneurship seems real and a path others have dared to walk. Entrepreneurs also seem to come alive as they share with us their valuable experiences. Mr Shankar’s sharing about various stories was particularly inspiring and leaving a deep impression on me, Miss Sit’s sharing shows how one’s life revolves around one’s passion, even in entrepreneurship and Mr Hauw’s sharing inspires one to venture into entrepreneurship if one has an idea. Though I do have thoughts about being an entrepreneur before, I did not really have any idea what it is about. Having attended Prof Pamela’s TWC lesson and the guest seminar, I was given a very wide overview and more on what to expect and understand that innovation could perhaps be something that is crucial to entrepreneurship. I would say I have fulfilled my objective of learning more about innovation and how to manage it.

Before coming for TWC, I have no idea that it would be “a walk to remember”, but it is. Lessons during the past few weeks and the guest seminar would definitely be fond memories that I would reminisce in the future.

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TWC-2011/2012Summer Term-Gabriel Lim Zi Yang

by Gabriel

My first module ever in SMU has indeed been an interesting one. From the get go i was thrust into the midst of 6 other strangers and told to prepare a presentation for the class in 50 minutes. the week after i was presenting a graded group presentation for the entire class. There was no hand holding, no gentle transition for any of us year zeros who had recently graduated from national service. Looking back however, i am very thankful for this aggressive approach. In the sport span of four weeks, i was able to more or less integrate into the SMU style of doing things. I made strong friendships with seniors who gave me so much invaluable advice for coping with SMU life. Honestly, i can't imagine a better way to kickstart my next four years at SMU.

I believe that the true value of studying Technology and World Change is not simply in the syllabus, but rather the facilities gained to make cohesive presentations. While the various theories we learn in class are useful in explaining the various phenomena surrounding technology, it is much more important to gain the ability to communicate the knowledge to others rather than internalizing the knowledge itself. I feel that Professor Pamela Lim's unique teaching style really forced me to learn the content through the breakout sessions where we had to research, plan and present within a limited amount of time. This not only honed our presentation skills, but also trained our time management and our teamwork within our groups.

Probably my greatest takeaway from the course would be the new found perspective i have on the way the world changes. I now understand that there is plenty of opportunity out there waiting to be seized, and all it takes for an individual to shape the world is just a little idea and a some guts. I was very grateful for the guest seminar organized, where we had the chance to hear from the people who had been through it all, and their experiences and the lessons they had learnt. For me, this seminar was the bridge between theory and application, and being able to listen to the guest speakers helped me appreciate in greater detail the entrepreneurial journey.

Maybe someday i will have my very own successful business. When that happens, i can always look back to this course, as the point where my entrepreneurial journey started.

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MGMT002(TWC)-2011/2012 Term 3B-John Wee Min Kiat

by John Wee Min Kiat

The TWC course has definitely been a wonderful learning experience for me. Being my very first module in SMU, it has certainly been a valuable experience to kick off my next four years or so.

My learning objectives that I set at the beginning of the course have more or less been met, as I have been able to see that whatever is being taught in class from the textbook can certainly be applied out there in the real world. The use of the different theories and frameworks to support the various stands that one can take are something that will be very useful in the coming years.

I have learnt many things throughout this course, too many useful tips to list everything out here. However other than all the important textbook stuff, I believe that the most crucial fundamental thing that I have learnt would be to be prepared. Be it when giving presentations or sales pitches, Prof Lim preached about being prepared for whatever questions or problems that could be thrown at you. It is not just about the readiness to answer questions with the relevant facts and numbers, but also with the astuteness to use tested and proven frameworks and theories that we have learnt in lessons to back up our viewpoints. With proper preparation, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving what we have set out to accomplish.

The guest seminar also taught me many things, as it was a good experience to attempt to engage various entrepreneurs to speak at the seminar. Finally getting the entrepreneur to attend was also not the end of the story, as there were still interviews and appointments to arrange, which was definitely not easy to do due to the entrepreneur’s conflicting schedules. However it was definitely worthwhile as such an experience would better equip me with skills to deal with high level professionals in the future.

Overall, this module has certainly been enjoyable and fruitful. With the wide-ranging skills and knowledge shared by Prof and the speakers at the seminar, the past month or so have indeed allowed me to grow better as a forward-thinking and broad-minded individual.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Mohamad Aznor Bin Yusof

It has been an eventful past few weeks and I have without doubt learnt a whole lot about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, not only from Prof Pamela Lim and the guests at the seminar, but also from all my classmates.

Apart from that, the structure of each class and its assessment criteria have benefited me greatly. The little time given for preparation of each in-class group presentation taught me how to work under pressure with my team-mates. Also, I believe that after so many presentations, I have become a lot more comfortable speaking in front of the class.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the course.

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TWC2011/12-Term3B- Ong Sen Chian

This is the end of our Technology World Change (TWC) module in this short summer 2012. An excellent module that i have benefited from and have certainly broadened my knowledge base on this complex and ever changing subject and has made me become aware of many facets associated with this module. A beginning in applying a new way of thought, allowing me to evaluate on area that i can improved on to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Especially there is so much to learn to be an entrepreneur, rather than just one good business idea.

This module is indeed very different from other module that i have taken. Instead of the tradition way of sitting in class and listen, the breaking down into several groups to discuss about the given questions, encouraged us to question, share , answering problems and taking initiative to present was definitely more “informative”. As in the sense, it increase the understanding of the topic and sense of responsibility for one’s own learning.

For role of presenting team, we have to put in more effort in understanding and ensure that we have the adequate knowledge to teach the student. In such a way, it increases the involvement in the learning. Also during the discussion process, the sharing and responding to the member reaction such as question improves thinking and deepens the understanding.

As for the role of audience, we have to be responsible for their own learning and ensured that we understand the topic by taking more effort in understand like doing research on the various topic and sharing it on forum. In such a way , this interactive teaching style is sort of like “ filling in the gaps”. The consolidating of existing knowledge and new knowledge is definitely more engaging and enjoyable as compared to the traditional way of class is being conducted.

Also for the guest, the experience and knowledge shared by the 3 speaker were invaluable and insightful. Ability to overcome and understand the fact that “failure is the seeds of innovation” , balancing both personal and school/work life with goal-oriented approach were definitely useful thing to be take away.

Lastly, Entrepreneurship is: "Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, be the unexpected." Together with determination and persistence, we shall dare to try.

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TWC-2012Term3B-Lim Shu Hui

When I first bidded for TWC, I had the impression that TWC would be a module that is very business-oriented - more concerned with sales, profits and revenues of companies.

However, I was proven wrong when I began attending the initial lessons. I must admit that the first few lessons were very technical and I felt a little lost. Through the following lessons,I was getting used to this new teaching style that I have never been exposed to. We were given time for break-out sessions, peer-teaching through presentations and ultimately, a summary by Prof to end each lesson. TWC is not purely about technology and all, but I have learnt many others that cannot be found from textbooks or lectures.

The objectives that I have set for myself would be learning about the business implications of technology, as well as understanding the impact of these technology on the world today. At the same time, I was hoping to be able to hone my presentation skills and the ability to speak up and share my ideas in class.

Despite the fact that breakout sessions are sometimes too short, I have a sense of satisfaction when my team is able to finish the assigned task during every break-out. Time may not be on our side, but the effort that each team member puts in to make the research sufficient makes me understand that it is possible, and that I learnt a little more about impromptu presentations.

Group presentations allowed us to research and understand more on the topic that we were assigned to, before we are able to present facts to the class.

In addition, the guest seminar allowed my team to be able to gain organisation skills, which cannot be taught. The guest speakers who were invited provided useful insights on their entrepreneurial experiences which had answered the doubts of many.

Other takeaways would also include life lessons that Prof Pamela Lim has brought up in class. I really appreciate those personal stories/experiences that she has shared.

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TWC-2012Term3B-Pelagio Paolo Banez Tecson III

by Pelagio III

Technology and World Change has been a real eye-opener for me. It has allowed me to view things in a different light. Before taking this course, I had no idea how much technology affected, not only our lives, but also the whole world. When I hear the word “technology”, I used to think of computers, the iPad, and other electronic gadgets that we consider as technology. I had no idea that the simple ideas in our minds and different innovations in different industries were also considered as technology; TWC changed the way I view things.

My time in TWC did not really directly fulfill my goals as I set myself to learn different ways to assimilate technology at a low cost and facilitating or encouraging innovation in the third world countries. TWC has indirectly helped me move towards this knowledge though. Towards the end of the term, I learned that the government provides financial bootstrapping, such as seed funding or grants, which encourage and foster innovation. I realize that these types of funding could ignite the entrepreneurial spirits of those people living in the third world countries. I also found out that providing technology at a low cost in third world countries would be difficult considering the fact that these technologies were meant to exploit market gaps in order to gain profit rather than a reputation for being socially responsible.

Though it has only been a month learning TWC, I am definitely glad to have taken this course, especially a knowledgeable professor in Prof. Pamela Lim, who has had numerous personal experiences in dealing with innovations and entrepreneurship. TWC has allowed me to look at technology and innovations in a different light. This course has allowed me to understand the science and the beauty behind technology and the process on how inventors come up with them. Some people say that TWC class is a useless class but I beg to differ. This class has intrigued me and piqued my curiosity at different times. It really taught me new things that I would have never known if I did not take this course. Leaving TWC behind, I now have the knowledge of the different theories of innovation, which could help me in the future (if I become an entrepreneur) once I fully understand them.

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TWC – AY 2011/2012 (Term 3B) – Anthea Ow

by Anthea

When I first signed up for TWC, I set out to learn about how technology has evolved throughout human history and how this evolution is intricately connected to the changes in the world. I thought that TWC would almost be like a history lesson, a course where we would learn about distinguished inventors and life-changing inventions. But I was surprised (and pleasantly so) from the very first lesson! While I’ve learnt about the origins of ‘famous’ inventions/innovations like paper, the bicycle, the telephone etc and ‘famous’ inventors like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, this course has gone beyond my initial expectations in many ways.

First, this course made me understand what innovation is really all about. ‘innovation’ was always one of those words I heard and saw everywhere – in newspapers, in the media, in schools etc – there was a hype about innovation and everyone was urged to be innovative. It almost came to a point that whenever I came across the word, I would usually gloss over the point it was trying to make. But from the first lesson and throughout the course, I finally realized what innovation entails. I used to think being innovative was simply bringing something novel or new, but I now know that innovation is so much more that just that. In this course, I saw how innovation is different from invention; the immense role that innovation and technology has in driving world change; the extensive efforts and detail that goes on in the process of innovating. Now, every time I see the word ‘innovative’, I finally understand the significance associated with the word and I can finally use it correctly too.

Second, this course was especially eye opening to all the new technologies and industries of the future. I’ve always been sort of a tech-idiot, never caring much about gadgets or computers or software. From Prof and from some of my classmates, I discovered technologies I never knew about – from the Samsung ‘Window’ tv, the Microsoft tablet, the way cloud computing works and so on. I also learnt about the industries we may expect to see in the future – nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and more. I also learnt about carbon fibre F1 cars, innovation vacuum cleaners and so much more. One could say this course has broadened my knowledge of technology and engendered a newfound excitement for new innovations we can expect to see in the future.

Third, Prof’s personal experiences and stories, coupled with that of the guests at the Seminar lent a practical dimension to all the theory we learnt in class. From the Seminar, I was inspired by the passion and the perseverance of the speakers. It made me realize that passion and perseverance are perhaps the two most important qualities that an entrepreneur could possess. No amount of theory we learnt, I think, could replace how Prof and the three guests embodied these qualities which shone through our their interactions with us.

In more than just these three ways, this course helped me shaped my abilities – in teamwork, in organizing, and in presenting. I’ve made many new friends in this course, and I am really thankful for having a great bunch of people as my group mates. Since we were all from different SMU schools and all of different ages and backgrounds, it was interesting getting to know each other and so much fun working together over all the presentations and organizing the Seminar. Being part of the organizing committee for the Seminar was a scary but exciting experience. I’ve never actually organized an event before, and while my group was clueless at the start, seeing everything coming together at the event itself was extremely fulfilling. Finally, random, sudden, presentations are not easy for me to do. But this course pushed me out of my comfort zone with all the in-class presentations and I think that has helped me a lot with my presentation skills.

I’ve taken away so much from this course. Everything I’ve learnt, the friendships I made, the skills I’ve picked up… if I had to choose just one, the main takeaway from this course is observation. To observe the problems of the world and challenge assumptions, in order to be truly innovative. To observe trends in technology and new discoveries so as to know what we can expect of the future. To observe entrepreneurs and learn from their successes and mistakes.

Thank you Prof for the wonderful learning journey this TWC course :)

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TWC-2011/12 Term 3B-Sophie Wang Yifei

by Wang Yifei

Time flies so fast. It felt as if I had written my first TWC journal just yesterday. Through a journey with TWC nearly a month, this course injected vitality into my summer term. From the beginning, I believed that the subject would open my minds to many aspects of daily life and work as they relate to technology, including economics, politics and ideology, lifestyle, religion, environment, ethics and social issues. Indeed, I have broadened my horizon and learned a lot not only from this course itself but also from my prof, TA and three guest speakers as well.

At the beginning of this course, I had set some objectives such as to learn how technology can benefit our businesses and society, to learn how to apply these theories, moreover, to develop more soft skills such as analytical skills and presentation skills. I believe that I have met the first objective I set at the beginning of this course but for the second soft skill my learning journey has not stopped.
It is TWC that provides me with knowledge on various types of innovations and how technology has changed and impact the lives of people and society. It is TWC that gives me many new friendships through the extensive number of group projects and in-class researches with tight deadlines to meet. It is TWC that let me move into to the second half of the term and beyond my textbook, I’ve been impressively challenged during the guest speaker seminars and absorbed in fresh and awesome air from their sharing entrepreneurship.
I still remember during the first few weeks of lesson, I was indeed unaware of what was going on in class and always worried about my class presentation. With my limited knowledge and interest in technology, I find it difficult to absorb what was being taught by Prof. No doubt; I did struggle in class. However, I came across my friendly group members and really got lots of help and care from them. However, I really appreciated the idea of online forum class participation. This has indeed helped me a lot, because it allowed me to have more time to process what was taught in class before contributing to class discussions.

Just as I mentioned in my first journal, hope that my CUHK journey will be injecting lots of fresh air through taking this course. Yes, I feel that those what prof pam told not only limited in twc concepts but also those personal maxims and lessons has accumulated into my life experience and provide me with more braveness and self-confidence to attend that International Youth Summit in Hong Kong later. Thanks for TWC valuable journey. My learning journey has not stopped!

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Liao Wei Jun

The TWC package

The TWC package

Technology and world change (TWC) continues to be a course that is unconventionally challenging and amazingly enlightening for a summer education. Just like many students, I embarked on this TWC journey with minimal expectations and pure academic take-away from the course. However, the first lesson I had changed my perception entirely. And in my first journal, I established a few educational action plans to make my entire journey a much more meaningful one.

Firstly, reinforcing my point on keeping myself updated with the latest technologies in the market as a life-long habit. I approached this aspect in a few manner such as a habit to read up on latest technological trends and emerging technologies online. Apart from noticing such trends, I re-posted some of these information on the forums to share such value propositions(eg. costs of patent trolling). Apart from that, reading up on the forum has not only been a habit for me, but it helps me filter out potentially brilliant ideas for entrepreneurship such as the blowtorch tool which is used for innovation cooking purposes as well as alcohol concoctions. These would not have been present if not for the alternative portals for learning.

Secondly, I set out on a goal to actively participate in class interactions as well as the forums to maximize my understanding in certain concepts or technology introduced. Recounting on a fascinating question which a friend of mine asked when I was filling my opinions on a forum. He asked me plainly for the objective of participating in the forum where he was amazed by the frequency in which I patronize this portal! I shared with him that it was just part of the curriculum to get students constantly indulged in the topic of study. But I viewed it more as a chore at first, but as a stranger, my friend was much more appreciative of the method of teaching! Through a wider range of perspective, it actually helps you appreciate a learning means better just like how parallel it learning from a wider range of perspective in the forum.
All these teaching methodology were revealed at the last day of lesson where we can see that the different levels of engagement in a class derives different degrees of knowledge. Thus, the class participation and forum exchanges were deeply beneficial to us especially for those who have inculcated a habit to read the forum regularly. I too participated actively offline and online comparatively and I believed I have successfully attempted to meet all my goals set out from the start.

Lastly, I have learnt much more than I have expected. TWC had quite an impact on my personal aspirations. I never imagine how much it has affected me in my entrepreneurship pursuits than before. I met a potential entrepreneur partner in class, I started on a social entrepreneurship idea with a couple of other friends from my faculty and most importantly, I have chosen to put the knowledge to test with real life application of what I have learned over the week. I worked with amazing group mates in this course and interviewed/learned from several entrepreneurs who gave me meaningful insights. And the two important takeaways I had from Andy Soh (the entrepreneur we interviewed) was the ability to be realistic and the importance of having connections. This two advice along with everyone in class and my team mates concludes the TWC package for my summer term 2012!

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-SHIH FU HUA


This is how I felt at moments in every class

This is how I felt at moments in every class

I have met the objectives I had set for myself at the beginning of the course. However, I wish that the course could have been longer as I really enjoyed the class a lot. The best part about this class is truly to hear everyone's opinions on various issues, the discussions we had had been really interesting. Also, personally I felt that there are no other professor that can be like Professor Lim, whom is so generous in giving us so much sharing about her experiences in entrepreneurship and corporate world. These sharing, I felt, are really meaningful to us as student.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-William Cai

by William

First and foremost, I believe that I’ve met the objectives set at the beginning of the course. In this rapid and fast changing world, we need to adapt quickly or stand to lose out. It is therefore important for us to grasp how these changes came about.

I have gained a better understanding of how technology has changed the world by examining the past technological changes and the various theories derived from them. Much technology arose as a result of development from past technological changes. On the other hand, society is also involved in the development and use of technology. Hence, both play an important role in the development and use of technology. In addition, I have also gained a better understanding of how innovations and technology came about from technology advances in both a historical and current context.

Apart from that, through the various theories and frameworks that we have studied, it has allowed us to gain valuable insights into multiple sided issues. We are now able to think critically and examine the information properly and derive our own conclusions. This has also enabled us to be able to integrate knowledge from different academic disciplines in critiquing and assessing the impact of technological innovations.

Lastly, I feel that with all that we have learnt, I am now able to identify potential business opportunities from technological and world changes. This also comes along with the ability to ask intelligent questions in order to assess the technological feasibility and economic viability of potential innovations which will better aid us if we are interested in doing business.

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MGMT 002 - 2011/2012 / Term 3B – Toh Yi Zhen, Jaslin

by Jaslin

One of the few objectives that I have set for myself in this course is to learn more about the journeys of the entrepreneurs and their innovations. This objective has been met with all the insightful experiences that Prof. Lim has shared in class and also the dynamic presentations delivered by the 3 speakers during the guest seminar.

Another objective that I have set earlier on was to work effectively in a team and learn from each other. I am very happy to say that this objective has been met too. I am very proud of my team who is able to work together cohesively (although conflicts/argument is inevitable) in such a short period of time. I have learnt a lot from my teammates Being a girl, we are often not into ‘geeky’ stuffs, instead of seeing us as ignorant, the guys in our team often explain to us some of the terms and concepts. Jeremy, who is the oldest and the most experienced in the team, also shared with us a lot of interesting technology-related stories.

TWC class has really spice up my summer. I thought it would be a mundane class, learning about all the dry and boring theories on technology. But I was wrong. TWC with Prof Lim was indeed one of my most interesting classes in SMU. The unconventional teaching method has benefitted many of us. The breakout session allowed us to do research and apply all the theories we have learnt into real life examples. By researching and presenting, we have actually gained a better understanding of all the concepts.

The guest seminar was my biggest takeaway. We are honored to have 3 reputable entrepreneurs to share with us their experiences in entrepreneurship. Most importantly, I have learnt a lot for being part of the food committee for the guest seminar. I have learnt how to talk to random organizations and seek for sponsorship. I have learnt the importance of planning, organizing, budgeting and networking. These are all skills that will come in handy in future.

Thanks Prof . Lim, TA – Zi Rong & my awesome teammates (G2- Team2) for making my TWC class unforgettable.


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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Zhan Feng

As a Year 0, I came into the course knowing very little of what to expect. Now at the end of this Mod, I am really glad of my decision to attend this module.

With the aim to ease into the academic year after two years of mental dormancy, I guess my objective were not really hard to achieve. However, what surprised me was how much this module had changed my perspective towards school, work and entrepreneurship.

Through sharing from the many seniors (pretty much everyone is a senior.. sigh..) that I came to work with, I have gained unique insights into school life, what to expect, and how to find breathing room amidst all the work that is piled up. (I am very glad to find out that standard core modules are not as intensive). Their experience with the various intern-ships that they had taken part in help me to gain a more holistic perspective towards working life.

The most pleasant surprise came in the form of the inspiration towards entrepreneurship. Having been labelled as a "fluff mod" by the various seniors I have consulted before choosing the Mod, the last thing I expected from the course was to be inspired by it. Prof Pam's various sharing on her personal journey had shed light onto not just the journey of career in the corporate and as an entrepreneur, but also the importance of work life balance. I remember the impressed/shocked looks on everyone's faces when she mentioned that she started her first company as a mother of three. As far as the horror stories of "successful" career man/woman and their broken family goes, this pretty much upsets the precedences that we know about.

That is as far as the learning goes. However, the greatest take away, as I mentioned before, is in the inspiration that this module had left with me. As adolescents, we all have our own shades of idealisms in us, more so for some like me. However, through the years, we slowly grow bitter and cynical (sadly even Prof shares these sentiments). Yet, in the course, through the interviews we conducted for our case studies, the guest seminar and Prof Pam herself, it is not hard to pick out the point that the greatest factor of their successes is simply their passion for the cause/product/service/innovation (or however you want to call it). It is their idealisms that pushed them beyond the cynicisms of their peers, their fervent belief that kept them going in the darkest of times and I dare-say, their faith which kept them going despite the successes that they have achieved.

Personally, I would just like to use this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making this year 0 term such an inspiration for me. The TA who sends an email every week (something I know not to expect right now), the class that provided the platform for various interesting discussions, my project group for their convalescent care and guidance and of course our Prof for being such an inspiration to us all.

Thank you all and it is my sincerest wish and prayer that everyone will have a blessed WY 2012/2013 ahead of them.

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From the last lesson

by Jeffrey Soh

From the last lesson, we’ve seen the ill effects of technology. When used irresponsibly, technology can cause great damage to society. However, the responsibility lies within the users, not with the technology itself. I believe I’m achieved the initial objectives that I set for myself at the beginning of the course. Throughout the course, I am challenged constantly in my thinking and perception. Moreover, I am now even more interested in Entrepreneurship and will hope to learn more in the TE and EM classes in the future. The learning style of the class was effective, and I am glad to have taken the course. In addition, the guest seminar generated more interest than I initially expected.

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TWC-2011/12 Term 3B- Sivaraj Subramanian

by Sivaraj Subramanian

Pamela Lim, Zi Rong and G1!

Pamela Lim, Zi Rong and G1!

Throughout this month of TWC, I have learned a great many things about technology. I set out to learn how technological innovations and the people behind have shaped the society around us. I am glad to say that I not only walked away with that knowledge but also a greater understanding of how technology interacts with society and business at large.

New innovations are always taking place, be it in incremental or evolutionary terms, and they have profound impact of business practises as demonstrated by the innovation models. The theoretical analysis provided by these models enchanted my understanding of how technology and business interacted. Other aspects of TWC also gave me valuable insights on how businesses use technological function as an important complement of business strategy and the strategies that businesses undertake to encourage innovation. I learned about the background of technical entrepreneurs and financial methods used to grow a start-up. Over all, on the theoretical side, the subjects covered were very useful and enlightening especially for would be entrepreneurs.

Class discussions were very informative. The application of theory to real life scenarios that was often the subject of breakouts was great. Pamela Lim bringing her raw experience to the table was also an added bonus because it is not many times that you get lecturers with so much industry knowledge and reputation. Perhaps, most of all, I felt that working with my group mates kept me engaged throughout the course. We shared ideas and discussed possibilities none of could possibly have figured out on our own. I got to know them better and made new friends along the way. It was a very rewarding experience.

Organizing the guest seminar was probably the pinnacle of everything I learned from TWC. Sure, it doesn’t really have anything to do with TWC but it was the first time I was part of an organizing team in charge of putting together an entire event. The task ahead seemed daunting but we managed to finish the event with up our heads help up high. The rush of getting everything together in time and hoping that nothing goes wrong is something that I won’t soon forget. All the teams gave it their all and it came together magnificently.

As I conclude this, I am glad that I can look back at a short but fruitful journey. The experience I have had in TWC is one I won’t soon forget. I not only absorbed a flow of useful knowledge but gained a lot of intangibles along way. I would like to thank Miss Pamela Lim and Zi Rong for making this all possible. Last but not least, thank you G1 for being so awesome!

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TWC-2012/13Term3B-Edric Tan

by Edric Tan

The main objective I had set at the beginning of TWC was to understand the framework for to which an innovator/entrepreneur would take toward problem-solving. I believed that it is through constant practice arising in multiple miniature problems that manifest themselves in our daily lives that we hone the skills and thought process that would be vital for a successful innovation/ entrepreneurship to occur.

Through the classes and presentations here's what I've gathered:-

(i) Questioning status-quo

People are comforted by the traditions and protocols that surround them as it provides stability. Questioning status-quo does not guarantee you success, but I believe that daring to embrace change and dreaming of it is the fundamental of innovation and entrepreneurship.

(ii) Intention/Motive

I firmly believe that an individual should never forget his initial purpose when he begins any journey or process. I believe the structure and integrity of an entity will retain the will to overcome obstacles if there remains a clear objective. Sure, profits are a strong driving force. However, I believe that intent attracts the right people and steers the whole process in a better direction.

Voices and opinions are often showered upon and idea. The mixture of good and bad intentions often cloud ones judgement. I believe that intention acts as an anchor before the innovation/ enterprise is steered in an undesired direction.

(iii) Passion/Persistence

To activate change in the world, one must work at chipping away the preconceived notions and norms that have been instilled in both yourself and your target audience. The process is often an unforgiving and lonely one. Without that inner push and assurance of direction, it may be difficult to achieve anything.

(iv) People

Yet no one can live on passion and passion alone. Often having a clear direction can bring people in and out rapidly in our lives. Those who disagree with the idea and those who have been waiting all their lives for an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Surrounding yourself with people that are selected and important ensures that there is minimum hindrance and maximum progress.

I believe that these are the core concepts I will bring with me to handle what life has installed for me.

One of the most important things I have learnt in TWC is intellectual property rights. Without a doubt, the world is driven by numbers, gains and statistics. The class covered that it is not impossible that big corporations flout the rules and bully the weak. If anything, intellectual property rights teaches of timing ideas, prudence, humility and planning several steps ahead. The legal arms have its limits of protection, and the onus falls on the innovator to be a strategist.

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TWC2011/12-Term3B- Dasmond Lim wei Yao

by dasmond lim

This four weeks journey of Technology World change lesson had come to an end. I have met most of the objectives that I have had made for myself where I wanted to learn how technology and world change are interconnected to each other. I learn how the world works and how firms and individuals react to different changes in the world brought about by technology world change. I feel that there are many things I have learnt from this course like some of the various strategies and theoretical models that can explain some of the phenomenon we see around us brought about by technological advancements. Furthermore, this course gave me an insight to look at things in a more all rounded manner from all perspectives like from the investor point of view. Furthermore, things will change in the real world and the theoretical models we learn serve as a guideline for us to remember and a general direction for us when we become top management of companies and require to lead and provide directions for the employees.
I feel that I myself have not aspired to be an entrepreneur to begin with. I feel that there are too many risks involve and the sacrifice is really too tremendous. However, throughout this course, I found out that I actually found out that what I knew of entrepreneur is very minimal and their sacrifices is way more than what we can really imagine. I learn that to be a real entrepreneur, you not only must have strong financial backing, you will also need to have the courage and guts to carry out investments in the correct time and expand and sell the company at the appropriate time. All in all, I feel that entrepreneurship offers exciting yet challenging tasks for many and many failed throughout the journey. However, I feel that persistence and determination are still some of key factors I take away from the journey of entrepreneurship.

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TWC-2011/2012Term3B-Hsu Shao Cheh

This journey was definitely not an easy one for me. Taking TWC under Prof Lim, I went through many things that I never had experienced before in my past 1 year of SMU life. For example, we had breakout sessions almost every week. During these breakouts, we had to prepare a mini presentation and be ready in approximately 45 minutes. This is definitely not common but it had certainly trained me to be able to work within such a short time period and trained up my presentation skill. Also, given that this course was held in term 3, the time frame for doing all projects was shortened. Firstly, my group had to do a presentation on the second lesson. This is definitely a challenge as our group just got to know each other and we were unclear of the expectations of us by Prof and for the course. Secondly, another project is that we have to conduct an interview with a technical entrepreneur and we were only given only a week to do so. I would dare to say our group pulled off well for both projects and I definitely had valuable takeaways such as time management and being efficient.

Also, Prof Lim talked about having one or two main takeaways during each lesson. I think this had been definitely been achieved during all the breakout sessions. During these sessions, each group had to focus on a certain part of the week’s lesson and present on it. The best method for me to learn is actually to apply them. Hence, by answering the questions given, it spurred me to apply textbook knowledge to real life situations. Therefore by doing so, it helps me to learn much efficiently than just reading off textbook.

I am glad that I had learnt so much in this TWC journey and would definitely recommend Prof Lim and this course to others.

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TWC-2012/13Term3B-Siah Wei Qiang

by Jackson Siah Wei Qiang

In my first journal, I talked about how technology has always been the crucial factor that determines the success of one organisation from another ever since the beginning of time (Ancient Egyptian using dikes for irrigation). After a quick 1 month, I am all the more convinced that the role of technology in business today is a whole new game as compared to the past.

Technology is vastly available today
In the past, technology was about having the “know-how” or the machinery to do something faster and better than the rest. The world was confined to its own segment and information and culture did not cross border. In today’s world, globalization and technology has increase our human connectivity to connect, pick up, adopt ideas and accept other markets and culture.
I realized that Technology is now about picking the right tool from an entire arsenal of resources. Pick the wrong one and you could potentially lose everything.

Ideas are not exclusive, they are everywhere
The world is so interconnected today, that ideas are floating all around. In TWC, the many cases of technology overlapping taught me that no ideas are exclusive of one another. There is always somebody around the globe that already has yours or is in the midst of developing it.
Therefore, unfortunately, companies are increasing buying and selling ideas as a form of commodity while corporations are suing one another for its exclusivity. I have come to realise that the amount of fees pump into institute legal proceedings almost seem like a joke in the market today while corporations try to bite off each other’s head.

Change is the new constant
Change used to be a variable in the equation. But in today’s market, any firm that is not susceptible to change will eventually be outfaced or outplayed. The market is transforming so rapidly today that firms and corporations have to invest in market research on their target users. Change has always been part of the equation, but in the 21st century, it is taking place even more rapidly than ever. As new breakthroughs are discovered, old technology becomes obsolete and new tech takes over the Technology S-Curve.

Throughout the whole course, I have learnt that Technology can be a boom and a bane, depending on how one uses it. I have also understood the role of technology in an increasing complex world. To Prof Pam and the TA, we have enjoyed the sessions and have benefited greatly from your teaching and guidance.

As supported by Prof Pam and Ms Norma’s belief, the technology of tomorrow is one that is vastly beyond our wildest imagination and one that commands a whole new paradigm shift. As computer and phone become smarter and more sophisticated, so will out daily appliances such as TV, house and car, will grow to become more intelligent and integrated.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Tan Eileen

Through this journey, I had changed my angle on the way that I think in every aspect of my life. The most fruitful session was when Prof Pamela Lim shared her personal experience and also the break-out sessions.

Every break-out session, we were given topics to research on in a very short period of time. I feel that it was a very helpful idea as I had gained a lot of experience while working with my group mates and we shared numerous interesting ideas, and information. Other group’s presentations have provided me with a whole lot of information too.

I am an introvert person and every session’s class participation and presentation was a “nightmare” to me. Many people were saying that SMU is not the right school for me as I do not like to speak up in class. Although I am still not very good at it but I think that the sessions and encouragements by my group mates has at least helped me a little to speak in class. It is a great experience for me to expose to this environment more frequently.

In addition, through this course, I feel that innovation such as technology is very important to change the world. I remember one of the guest speakers, Norma Sit, said that now we are living in a generation whereby many things had been thought and invented. However, I remembered she said, “Look at the problems existing in this world”. There are many more innovations that should be created for the people living in the third world country. After hearing what she has shared, I realized that innovation is never a “full stop” in any area. People are constantly demanding for better living and products/tools that is able to help them in all ways.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3 - Tan Sheng Yong

TWC was certainly one of the most enjoyable modules that I have taken so far. The difference in teaching methodology adopted by prof Pam Lim has certainly steepen my learning curve than a lecture biased module. This interactive class environment has definitely aroused my interest to find out more even if I was lacking behind in term of IT knowledge.

Personally, TWC is like a ‘technology appreciation’ lesson. Just like how an art appreciation class works, we are better able to appreciate art or look at art at a different perspective after attending a class of it. Likewise, after attending TWC module, I am able to look at technology and the products, services and processes surrounding me at a whole new perspective. In addition, learning those theories from the textbook certainly allow me to apply them into my own business in the future. Equipped with the relevant knowledge, I am able to increase my likelihood of success.

In addition, TWC has certainly expanded my horizons of knowledge. After attending TWC, I managed to keep up with the world. I started picking up my old habit of reading newspaper in the morning or news online whenever I am free. The textbook also allow me to know more about the historical process and origins of the existing products around me.

Last of not least, the guest seminar has provide me with valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs. They did not only share about their entrepreneurship, but also their experience of working in the corporate world. The sharing session has reinforced the importance of the corporate world in my perspective. Furthermore, their advices were extremely valid and I would definitely use it in my future.

Looking back, I have certainly met my objectives that I have set for myself at the beginning of the course. However, learning is not enough, being able to apply what we have learnt is even more important.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Lynnette Lim

Before I started my Technology and World Change modules, I thought is a very dry and boring modules like other business modules. The only different is more on technology based as it was quite related to my Information Systems core modules. I did not know much about this module content other than technology wise and I assumed that this would be a very dry and boring modules.

After I attended this modules, it turned out be to very different from what I had thought initially. It took me a better and bigger understanding about how technology is evolves our daily life.
Furthermore, I really enjoyed and learned about from this module itself.

In addition, I also liked the way how Prof Pamela Lim taught. The way of teaching style is absolutely different from other professor which she adopted much more interactive method for the class to learn and absorb more. Like, during my first class, she will explained the theory for basic understanding of the topic and break the class out into their respective groups with questions, students will need to spend about 45 minutes to do research and present it to the rest of the classmates.

I feel that the breakout session really make me learn a lot as compared to the traditional way of teaching, this is because we were given a time limit to do our research and have to present it in 5 minutes to the class and till now I still remember each and every in class presentation that me and my group member did, this shows how effective way of learning it is.

Next, I would like to mention about the guest seminar is very useful and unique to me as this was something that I never expected. All the guest speakers really inspired me a lot of how to be an entrepreneur especially the speech by Miss Norma Sit. Because the way of how she portrays herself and the key sentence by her “without problem, we don’t really innovate”. This sentence stuck in my mind for very long and I find it really very true and I really respect all the guest speakers.

In conclusion, I really had fun and learned a lot from this module and Prof Pamela Lim. It’s a fun journey along the way of learning new things which made the class so much better than others.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Tay Liang Yu Ralph

by Ralph Tay

This uni Core course Technology and world change is, unlike normal academic modules, something unconventional.

Though it seemed to be theory-based, the applications in this course are readily practical. As a newbie in this subject matter and in the university system, I expected it to be another long, dreadful story on the history of technology and how it changed the world.

I must thank Prof Pam for giving us a chance to present more often, making me a more fluent, and more confident, as a presenter. As from the pyramid about the reason behind her teaching methods, I found that teaching my peers, be they interested or not, is a good way of teaching myself and my retention rate is as what the pyramid suggests, about 80%. I must be thankful not to suffer the fate my friends in NUS or NTU have to endure- the 5% retention rate in mass lectures.

Finally, TWC has taught me to not expect any technology to last for more than a few years, as seen in my previous computers' hard disk dropping out of the laptop case and the internal i/c of the laptop unable to hold charge, shutting down every 5-10 minutes!

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by Gong Tuo (David)

Interview with Yan Phun (FlickEvents)

Interview with Yan Phun (FlickEvents)

Time truly flies as the Technology and World Change course comes to an end, within a short span of four weeks. I am still pretty amazed by the amount of work the whole class did in close to a month’s time. For my group, we had managed to present two presentations and conducted an interview with the founder of FlickEvents, not forgetting the frequent in-class presentations which we had to prepare as a group during class. I am glad to say that many of the objectives which I had set at the beginning of the course for myself have been met during this wonderful journey.

Firstly, it is being able to move beyond my comfort zone and participate actively in class. My efforts spent reading up the course materials in advance and thinking up of relevant questions before class helped me to a significant extent. Usually, I was able to ask my questions targeted specifically at the presenting groups because my question was prepared based on the topic summary. Of course, once I had spoken in class, I was comfortable to speak up more as well as to think critically to churn out more questions or analyses.

Secondly, I have learnt that technological innovations have truly replaced old technologies in an attempt to increase economic growth. According to the technology S-curve, once a technology has matured and reached a stagnant stage, a technological innovation which is much better will replace it to meet the demands of the markets. Initially, I also wanted to be able to critically analyse technological innovations after attending the course, in terms of their components and functions to find out if they are viable for commercialization. However, this technical depth of technological innovations is briefly covered during the module. A greater emphasis is placed on the aspects of processes, strategies and businesses with regards to technological innovations.

In conclusion, I have realised technology has always be changing and to benefit from it we have to constantly adapt and equip ourselves with the relevant knowledge and skills to employ it for the empowerment of our lives. Otherwise, we may end up moving at a slower pace than others and be outpaced by technological development in the long run. Another important lesson from the course, for me at least, would be entrepreneurship is not suitable for everyone. Unless one has determination of steel and is willing to suffer hardships to make one’s business a success then perhaps going into the corporate world after graduation could be a smart move. The process of realising the initial concepts of technological innovation from scratch followed by seeking of funding for the business and finally, when funding ends, ensure that there would eventually be a constant flow of revenue to remain profitable is a painstaking process. I guess it really depends on the one’s character as well as aspiration to bring oneself onto the path of entrepreneurship.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Lim Yik Shi

Me and Suraj giving a short presentation

Me and Suraj giving a short presentation

It had been a really wonderful 4 weeks of fun and learning!


I am happy that the class was made fun in many aspects. One of it is the team project! This project required us to explore into a given topic and come out with a relevant example to share with the class. It is fun because there was no need for a formal report and this gave the team more time to spend on coming out with better presentation and exploring into topic itself. I am sure other teams had their fun too and it can be observed by the way they presented their project; such as talk show and role playing style of presentation. Watching these presentations was a fun experience as well.

Besides the project, the team members were also awesome and I had made great friends too! Prof Pam also made the class environment less tense and formal, which encouraged interactions beyond just team members, but to the rest of the class as well! To add on, Prof Pam also shared a lot of her stories and experience in class, which were relevant, so that class did not seemed to be boring.


I am happy that Prof Pam always had breakout sessions for us because it allowed us to explore and learn beyond the textbook and search for answers ourselves, rather than just listening to lectures. It had also allowed us students to learn to present newly acquired information confidently and in an entertaining and educational manner.

Prof Pam also employed the peer teaching approach through the projects. It was definitely a great way to learn as I still remember the 4 theories of innovation that I had presented! Also, there was the question and answer session after every group present, which motivated me to listen carefully into presentations and ask questions as well to score some class participation points!

Besides that, Prof Pam would end off each class with a short lecture on some theories which she thought was good and she had relevant experiences to share with the class. She also taught us that theories serves as a frameworks for reference, rather than strict guidelines on matters. This taught me to be flexible in applying theories rather than be too fixed on purely trying to apply theories for the sake of applying.

Lastly, on the part of learning, Prof Pam had also made it a point to hold a guest seminar for her classes every semester which I think had added tremendous value in our learning as students. The guest seminar inspired me to become an entrepreneur and helped me see that what was learnt during the class would help me in the journey of being an entrepreneur! The guests also shared great tips, interesting insights and experiences which were off the textbooks!

So, to answer the question on meeting the objectives set at the beginning of the course, I think I had outdone it. This is because, not only had I learnt about what innovations are about, it had also taught me on entrepreneurship and using theories to guide me with it! I might not be guaranteed to be a successful entrepreneur, but I am definitely better prepared than most people on it!

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TWC-2011/12TERM3B-Cheung XinYi

G3: The formidables

G3: The formidables

Since TWC was a uni core requisite, while making a bid for it for term 3b I kept thinking that it was simply going to be another fluff mod. However, after paying more attention to the presentations and how the lessons were carried out I began to realize that the course provided a wider range of information than I would probably get elsewhere in other courses, for example, such as real life corporate information etc.
In my journal 1 I mentioned that my goal here in TWC was to gain a wider range of information in various fields. In general I felt that I have indeed met this goal as through the span of weeks our class gone through various topics during the presentations and during the breakouts. eg. How Singapore IPO work, the MMR case study, Microwaves, things that would normally won’t attract my attention.

Furthermore, I felt that I learnt most during the guest seminar through hearing the various guest speakers speak about the experiences of leaving their comfort zone to venture into something they really believe and have passion in. The biggest takeaway, I felt was that to be successful one does not have to be “smart”, but to have wisdom to search for opportunities and to tap onto it and to have integrity to move away from the crowd when clearly something is wrong. Ie. Prof example on flaming people online due to jealousy.

Lastly, in addition to all the stuff I have mentioned above, I think I want to give a big thank you to the class, for facilitating such good in class and forum conversation and by taking the time to search for external articles. Most importantly I had a wonderful semester thanks to my group mates whom has been working hard together since week one. Thanks for all the intelligent and not so intelligent conversations we had and for putting in the effort for our in class break out all the time. It was a pleasant, enriching and encouraging term 3b. Thanks prof, TA and classmates.

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MGMT 002 - 2011/2012 / Term 3B - William Chung Wui Lun

Before and throughout the Technology and World Change module, I have set aside a set of objectives and goals I want to achieve at the end of the summer term. I am proud to say that I have met most, if not all of them. Here is the list of objectives that I have listed down:

1) Find out about the essentials of an incorporating technology and entrepreneurship
2) Identify the technological trends
3) Find out if I am good enough to start a business myself
4) Receive insights and opinions from entrepreneurs

The course has sufficiently educated and imparted me with the knowledge of how technology and entrepreneurship cross paths to affect and make changes in the world that we live in today. This is particularly pivotal to people of our day, because technology is all around us and they affect our daily lives to a huge extent.

With the evolving technologies that we face on a day-to-day basis, it makes us wonder when the next radical innovation would be. Technology and World Change has intrigued me with upcoming trends that could potential change the way we live our lifes. These technological trends are more than merely patterns. They are configurations that could improve the way we function.

Through the course, I have also given myself time to identify if I am suitable and possess the qualities to start a business myself. I have come to realize that there is more to being an entrepreneur than having a good business idea. There are so many other factors that come into play in the formula, and there is no perfect solution to all entrepreneurship problems.

Through the course, I was fortunate enough to have received valuable insights, feedback and opinions from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. The advice on the challenges that they have faced during their arduous journey has provided numerous acumens to aspiring entrepreneurs like me. It is something I would not exchange for with anything in this world.

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It has been a wonderful term for me. I really enjoy this class. I have learnt a lot from this course. I really love the teaching style of my Prof. The breakout session allow us to gain more knowledge by doing research. Despite that breakout sessions are too short for certain topics, it is still the best method for student to gain additional knowledge that the students might not get in lecture.

Apart from that presentations allowed me to practice my communication skill. In order to successfully communicate, I need to be able to present ideas effectively, persuasively and clearly.
In addition, the guest seminar was insightful. The guest speakers who were invited shared a lot of useful experiences and opinions. This helps me to prepare myself better for the future corporate world.

Furthermore, Prof has shared with us many life lessons in class which I personally think that it is very valuable. I really appreciate and thankful that I have taken this course under her.

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TWC-2011/12Term3B-Kandala Suryaratna

TWC has been a interesting module I would say. Throughout this course I have learnt about how the technology has been changing the world today.

Starting with what is innovation and the different theories and sources of innovation in the 1st half of the course. Followed by how to manage innovation which involved the technology strategies, funding of the innovations and also covering about the technical entrepreneurs.

The in-class presentation on a weekly basis covered a wide range of topics that provided me lots of insights and I got to learn a lot from my peers from the various discussions we had in class.

Organizing the guest seminar was a new and fun experience for me. It helped me improve my communication skills and also the ability to coordinate with people and organize an event together.

The guest seminar was truly an inspirational one. Having heard the 3 speakers share their personal experiences of their entrepreneurial journey, I have learnt a lot of life lessons such as passion, persistence etc to achieve success.

Overall TWC was a fun and interesting course that I thoroughly enjoyed. :)

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TWC-2012 T3B -Tan Wei Liang

TWC has certainly benefitted me tremendously as I learnt the theories behind innovation and how innovators harvest their ideas and turn into business opportunities. The first objective for me is to find out how technology has improved our society and increased the standard of living. I learnt about the four types of innovation which include incremental, modular, architectural and radical innovation. Innovation brings about improvements and refinements of current product which can provide convenience with the improved functionality and usability.

The second objective is to study specific examples of successful entrepreneurs on how technological innovation comes about. The guest seminar was fruitful as we had three different guest speakers who gladly shared their experiences on entrepreneurship. For the first guest speaker Mr Greg Hauw, I learnt that entrepreneurship is a never-ending process and one must be passionate and enjoy the process of being an entrepreneur. There is no perfect idea when an entrepreneur starts his business. One must adapt well to the market so as to understand the needs of consumers and actively look for problems and find solution to improve on his product. He highlights the importance of honing critical thinking skills and to seek improvements constantly.

Ms Norma Sit taught us that being an entrepreneur is never a smooth sailing process using her analogy of a ship sailing in an open sea. There are bound to have time of adversities and it is the fighting spirit and determination that differentiate a successful entrepreneur from a failure. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance and not to give up which is applicable to our daily lives not just for entrepreneurs.

Mr Suresh used the Chinese Bamboo tree analogy to bring up his point of perseverance. One may not see results regardless the hard work he put in the beginning. A bamboo tree has little growth in the first four years. However in the fifth year, the plant blossoms within a short period of time and it is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. He highlights the importance of patience which is one of the key factors to be successful. Mr Suresh is more than forthcoming about his journey as an entrepreneur, telling us how he breaks out in cold sweat in the middle of night, not knowing whether his decision of starting a business is the correct one. He warns us about the dangers of being persistent and one should know when is the right time to move on when a business is failing. He adds on that family certainly takes precedence over his business. It is important not to neglect our family as once the kinship is broken, it can never be mended.

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TWC - 2011/12 Term 3B - Stanley Koh

by Stanley Koh

TWC Class

TWC Class

TWC Class
Group 6 with Mr. Suresh Shankar

The class has been something completely unexpected for me. Never before in my one year at Singapore Management University have I been subjected to weekly presentations. But I would never have thought that preparing a presentation for every lesson could be such a profound learning experience. I thought my presentation skills had been pretty good before, but this whole new format of this class as well as the experience of my fantastic group mates has allowed me to be bring my presentations to a new level, with more interactivity and much more efficiency.

Based on the name Technology and World Change, I must say that I was expecting a very technical course trying to push the importance of technology on us so that we do not neglect it when we go into our careers as SMU graduates. The fact that it is a university core subject reinforced this belief as well. But throughout this course, I have learned much about how the changes of technology throughout history has led to the massive changes in history itself. Not only that, but I have also learned how to predict and understand the different cycles of change so that I don't need to be a victim of the world changing, but someone who can take advantage of these changes.

Lastly, the giant scoop of ice cream on top of this apple pie of innovation has to be this module's glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship. I have never in my life been so exposed to people who took the leap and became entrepreneurs. I had no idea that this module would have so much information and real life examples of entrepreneurship, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. From now onwards, I would never hesitate to start up my own business, should an opportunity arise. Though I can see now how difficult such a road may be, I know that this has been done before and I can make this a part of my future, should I so choose. Even though I definitely do not see the entrepreneurial spirit within me, I definitely believe that it is now within my realm of possibilities.

Though this class was originally just something I needed to clear to be able to attain my degree, I am extremely lucky to have taken it under Professor Pamela Lim. The sheer amount of information and insight given to me has been astounding. From innovation on a historically global level to innovation to a much more personal entrepreneurial level, I have so much that I will take away from this class. And the group mates and classmates I have been able to interact with have shown me glimpses of my past in SMU, the possible present I can live in, and also what I can look forward to in my journey in this university. This is definitely a summer that I will remember and treasure for a long time. Thank you to everyone for making this such a memorial class.

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TWC-2012/12Term3B-Tiong Juen Tein

After four weeks of intensive study of Technology and World Change, I am still surprised on how much theories there are behind innovation and technology! To think that so much research has been done on the process and workings to increase productivity of firms! Through this course I have realized how naïve I am, and how fast the world changes. There are so many things we have taken for granted and how much things that are yet to come. The anticipation of newer technology that will enable our lives to be more efficient and comfortable makes one really excited about the future.

I have learnt many other skills from this course too. Presentation skills, the ability to work with project mates, and the ability to research information fast are some skills that I had mastered in this course. While it is not that other module does not encourage the growth of these skills, the very nature of this course forced me to pick up the skills fast. To be able to think on the spot is a useful skill that I believe that will benefit me in the long run.

The lecturer helps to facilitate the class to make entrepreneurship and technology more interesting and real to us. It is because of the lecturer’s experience of working in the field that enabled me to have a more realistic impression on how the entire system works that is more interesting and convincing than theory-based teaching. This makes lessons more enriching and it value adds to our learning.

It also feel as though these four weeks is like a personal journey, to understand entrepreneurship from an insider point of view, to hear the experiences of those that walked the path and to decide if it is a suitable career for you. For myself, I believe that despite the many benefits of being an entrepreneur, I am not suited to the task, or have an interest in it. However, because of the fact that I do not meet the pre-requisites of being an entrepreneur, it augmented my admiration of those who are successful in this field.

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TWC-2012/term3b/Yo Wee King

Before I picked up TWC as a mod for summer term, I assumed it was a mod full of fluff and unnecessary content which would just help me complete a module requirement. I apologize to anyone who might be offended by my mindset, in retrospect I too am disappointed in my own mindset.

During the first session, when we met Professor Pamela Lim for the first time, I was awestruck by her charisma, a certain confidence that exudes from her. The way she introduced herself and told us the objectives of this module, I was stoked to come back for the second session.

Her teaching style is unique and extremely effective. Class presentations each session, case studies, journals and class part from sharing insights and ideas on forums. All these teaching tools have helped us as students learn much more than a prof that just sits there with her slides and reading word for word. Prof Pam's honesty in her life journey thus far has opened my eyes to a new world of entrepreneurship.

Before I took this module I always had the mindset that rich, successful business people always had a dirty way of doing things. After speaking with prof pam a few times after class and also asking her in class if she believes in business ethics, I have learned that my mindset is childish and false. Prof pam is an honest person with strong personality characteristics and believes and has inspired me to learn from her.

TWC2012 has equipped me with frameworks and skills to ready myself in both the corporate life and the opportunity of entrepreneurship when it arises. How to seek investments, how to innovate my product or service, how to predict the technology s curve and K-wave. Before this module, I had no idea that K-waves existed and that we are in the recession phase of the current K-wave.

Prof pam has shared a lot of insight and taught me personally that perseverance, confidence and preparedness is crucial in the world of entrepreneurship. Perseverance to never give up when our company is bringing in no positive cash flow, confidence that my idea will work out if I persist and preparedness when it comes to knowing the numbers and figures at the back of my hand for when the time arises to scout for investments.

Prof has managed to spark a fire in me when it comes to the topic of entrepreneurship, she has taught me that being your own boss isn't always rainbows and flowers. I have learnt that entrepreneurship is a path that you choose, not everyone has the technical ability or the characteristics to be a successful entrepreneur regardless of how good your ideas may be. If one has good ideas but lack the ability to bring forward that idea, its best to find a capable partner.

I feel much more prepared to embark on the journey into the unknown world of entrepreneurship with my newly acquired skillset. I hope when the opportunity knocks I will be able to hear it and open the door into a scary but rewarding world.

Thank you prof pam, this has definitely been one of the most rewarding classes I have attended. (Despite me being year 0, I hope you take this as a compliment still!)

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TWC-2011/12 Term3B-Jonathan Lee

by Jonathan Lee

In the beginning of the term, I set a simple goal for myself- to broaden my perspective of technology and to explore how it has developed over space and time. To be honest, I had a very different impression of the course 3 weeks ago, thinking that the course was mainly about technology. How silly of me! The textbook is entitled Exploring Innovation after all!

However, I’m glad to be wrong. The course instead shifted its focus on the innovation process, dissecting it into digestible and bite-sized segments. It changed many stereotypes that I had when I first started this course. Initially I viewed entrepreneurship and startups as being so laden with risk and uncertainty that I struck it off my career options altogether. I’ve come to realize however that the innovation process is very much like a game of chess and strategy has a large part to do with it. It has its fair share of risk certainly, but to know that many pitfalls (some not all) may be avoided with careful and strategic planning came as a relief to me.

Then we had the guest seminar that injected first-hand industry views about the subject. Their views were like a breath of fresh air that complemented as well as challenged some of the views/theories in the textbook. But more than being a breath of fresh air, it was a treat to be able to witness the underlying passion and dedication the guest speakers had for their ideas and businesses. The experience will make me think twice before shelving “just another idea.”

Although the course’s focus was quite different from what I perceived, I actually didn’t fail in achieving my objective. Each in-class case question that our group worked on zoomed in on a specific technology/concept that was relevant to that session’s topic. The questions were designed to make us research and think about the topic (kudos to prof for setting the questions). And because we had to do our own research, as opposed to it being spoon-fed to us, I realized that the information stuck with us. I still can remember my first in-class presentation during session 1 where my group and I did research on Alexander Graham Bell and the humble telephone. These in-class presentations served to broaden my knowledge and understanding of technology while helping me better understand the week’s topic. Other groups would also present on complementary issues and when put together, actually provided a comprehensive take on the session’s topic.

As the term draws to a close, I can’t help but feel as sense of nostalgia. It was a unique class that I enjoyed. Together with my group I did many firsts like organizing the guest seminar and having breakout sessions during almost every lesson (it was a unique learning concept- rigorous but effective). Although it’s all over, I’m glad to be leaving with new friends, new knowledge and most importantly, a new perspective.

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