Pamela Lim

Mother, Entrepreneur, University Lecturer

Here, I will share with you every tip and resource I know, found, developed or researched over decades as a business owner and university lecturer. My objective is to make your journey as a business-person more enjoyable.
You should find everything you need to develop your venture here. 
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Thank you for wanting to know a bit more about me!

My name is Pamela Lim. That was a well-known name a decade ago. I was an award winning and well-known entrepreneur in Asia. Not any more.

For doing something I love, I was given numerous entrepreneur awards in Singapore and Asia, including Top 10 Woman entrepreneur, The Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur and Netrepreneur of the Year.

As an innovator and CEO in a few companies, I was also blessed with several innovation awards, including the country's Technology Achievement Award.

As a founder and business owner, I had my share of tears and joy for leading my own company from a small operation of just 3 people to one that had business and operations in 7 countries. I also managed to get the company approved for dual-listing in NASDAQ and SGX.

In 2004, with my father-in-law passing on, I could not find any reliable help for my family. In line with my mantra, I decided it was time for me to bid goodbye to the entrepreneurial and business world. I decided that a jet set lifestyle and long working hours did not do justice to my five young children. I wanted more time to nurture and influence them while I still could. I chose to teach.

Teaching is a calling and once again, I found tremendous joy in my new capacity as a lecturer. Today, I teach undergraduate and graduate business, entrepreneur and management courses in two universities in Singapore.

It is gratifying to know that students found my entrepreneurial journey inspiring and that they can tap on my knowledge and experience. In turn, I hope to steer them away from the mistakes I made and point them towards the right paths that I chanced upon.

The contents on this website is exactly the same stuff I share with my students in class, over hi-teas, early breakfasts and long lunches. It is the result of my years of research into the topic that I have a lot of passion for. I will share my experiences and opinions with you. Some of them sweet, others painful. I hope that you can learn from them.

Where I could not find ready solutions, I developed simple programs to do my work. I will share them here with you as well.

I know that my hard work will pay off. These are information I hoped someone had shared with me when I was an young rookie entrepreneur.

If this site has helped you in some ways, drop me a note and let me know! It will serve as an encouragement to me!

This place kept some records about me that even I forgot! Most of my PR documents were lost when I sold the company. Managed to salvage some. Here they are:

That's me receiving that Netrepreneur of the Year Award, sorry I don't have a bigger picture.

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