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Nanz Chong-Komo - A timeless inspirational woman

Nanz Chong Komo is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business author and consultant.

Nanz was the founder of the former ONE.99 Shop, a one-price store that became a multi --million-dollar business with 15 branches within the first three years of startup. Her success with One.99 Shop won her the overall winner Woman Entrepreneur of the year award in 2000. However, due to the SARS epidemic in 2003, ONE.99 shop was liquidated.

Despite the setback of the ONE.99 Shop, Nanz has never given up her entrepreneurial spirit but in fact, risen to overcome it. Nanz's experience of the ups and downs of business gave her a deep insight into how a business should be managed. It enabled her to become the author of three best-selling books; ONE BUSINESS 99 LESSONS, BRINGING OUT THE ENTERPRENEUR IN YOU & OVERCOME.

Today, Nanz is a highly sought-after motivational and corporate speaker who has been engaged to speak at major institutions such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore as well as commercial companies like Unilever. Her wealth of wisdom and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and business management has also enabled her to be an effective coach. It is through her mentoring that many new entrepreneurs are raised to become more effective business leaders.

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