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Here, I will share with you every tip and resource I know, found, developed or researched over decades as a business owner and university lecturer. My objective is to make your journey as a business-person more enjoyable.
You should find everything you need to develop your venture here. 
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  1. Maria Mahat

    Jul 15, 14 07:09 PM

    14 July 2014 - it has been about 8 days since the workshop and it was also the day I tendered my resignation. Frankly speaking, I do not know yet the exact

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  2. Frank Sim

    Jul 08, 14 03:56 AM

    The two day courses really rock me up, it has changed my view toward everything , my products , clients and market. I started the path of entrepreneur

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  3. Marianne Su Fang-Yu

    Jul 08, 14 12:32 AM

    Being someone who has no absolute background knowledge on business set-up and finance management, this has been a 2-day brilliant crash course for me to

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It has been quite some time since I last taught entrepreneurship in the university. I started this site in 2009, when free resources to help entrepreneurs was not readily available. What I did was to document much of what I teach and put them here on this site. Entrepreneurship is not limited to a subject in the university, and one that people study to pass an exam and get a degree for.

In entrepreneurship courses, we teach important skills that will see an entrepreneur through his/her difficult journey through the business. I therefore continue to maintain this site, for my students or other people who will ever find the resources useful and important. Even today, I find that while there are very good information on the internet, free and useful resources are still not readily available.

I have already put this site on autopilot mode, in that it is no longer an active site. I update it about once or twice a year, as my research is now more heavily focused on education rather than entrepreneurship, though I still speak on this topic, and still consult and conduct classes on entrepreneurship. More than anything, now I am back as an entrepreneur. As long as the information is relevant and it helps entrepreneurs, I will continue to maintain this site. This site used to rank top 3 on Google search, and it probably has fallen a lot. But I hope it continues to help you, if you are an entrepreneur.

If you find or have ever found Entrepreneurship Education useful, maybe you could help us to "pass it on" to someone who really needs it...

First, many people ask me why I teach entrepreneurship, when I can have so much fun repeating and doing what I already know - building, running and listing companies. The many articles, pictures and letters from the students will tell you why. The immense joy of nurturing and helping thousands of students realize their dreams.

Somewhere along the education route, we educators have imbuned in our most precious resource that working for someone else as an accountant, marketing guru or as a banker makes good career sense. Yes! Wage slavery is in vogue! I would like to do my little part in reminding these precious young folks that they can inject freedom to their careers and ambitions. Remember: you can do what you dream of and still survive and create careers - for yourself and for others.

entrepreneurs are made for bigger things

Here are some things I do to promote entrepreneurship, and the feedback I got:

  1. Teaching how innovation changes the world or Technology and World Change. Feedback on courses TWC.
  2. Technical Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Identification. Feedback on courses TE
  3. Businesses started in class. Businesses started.
  4. Guests that visited us to inspire students. Guest seminars.
  5. Check out Facebook Group for students. Forums.
  6. Entrepreneur courses conduct over weekends. Weekend Entrepreneur Courses.

Saving you time and Money

Founders almost always spend too much time and money on non-operational issues that distract them from running their businesses profitably. Sounds like you? Then you are at the right place.

This site can be a resource to a business owner at any level. Whether you are looking for a business opportunity because the economic crisis and depression has taken a toll on your job search, or an established business person looking for a merger and acquisition. This site will have something for you to take away.

First, tell me where you are in your entrepreneurial journey: